Is it OK to cheat while playing RISK?

This is based on true events. Here’s the question; is it ok to cheat while playing RISK the board game?

Here’s the circumstances, let’s say that you are winning the game, then some of the other players openly begin plotting against you and form an alliance to get you out of the game. One of the players suggests a break, and everyone adjourns to the kitchen to refresh their drinks.

You see an opportunity to add(STEAL) a few extra armies to some of your key strategic locations while everyone is in the other room, 1) do you fortify your key locations, or 2) do you suffer through the rest of the game and endure your inevitable defeat?

YES, I know Risk sucks, so you can also factor that into your decision ;)

“Cheating” only works when it makes the game more fun for everybody involved. If you’re just doing it to win… it’s kinda lame and doesn’t add anything to the experience.

It’s lame.

Yes it is permissible, but only if the opponents are members of your family.

It’s OK, but mostly because risk sucks.

Let me guess, this is autobiographical?

I would probably cut off the part of the shirt that was shit on.

If you’re playing against non gamers, you shouldn’t have to cheat in order to win.

If you’re playing against gamers, why the heck would you play Risk ???

Anti-Bunny is absolutely correct. This is also why it’s okay to liberally help yourself to money from the bank when you’re playing Monopoly and no one else is looking.


If a game sucks so much you cheat to win, and I’m not sure why you care since you dislike the game, then don’t play in the first place. Anyway, once you can justify this to yourself justifying the next, larger cheat won’t be so difficult.

Put Risk back in the closet and pick up a copy of Small World. It’s simple enough, and close enough to Risk (in a non-gamer’s eyes) that you’ll be able to sneak a real game onto the table.

You know who else cheated at the game of strategic conquest?

When I first played Risk, I thought it was a strategy game. Over time, it became clear that it’s a game about backdoor deals and unenforceable treaties (much like real life, perhaps). Usually ends with someone getting pissed and walking away. Or the Australia guy winning.

since when is snacking a sin?

Your obsession with me is showing. Again.

How about cheating in LAN FPS’?

We have shitty computers at work and we only play the same CoD2 map all the time… and I can’t keep up with the young guys - would a wallhack and an aimbot be ok?
(and do you know of any that my AV don’t think contains a trojan?)

The Germans?

Risk is awesome because it’s not just about board strategy. We can play all kinds of games that are just about the board strategy, but this one is also heavily about social strategy. If you think Risk sucks, you probably aren’t very good at it.

Also, cheating at Risk is dumb. Cheat openly by making alliances you have no intention of keeping, etc. That will affect your ability to make future alliances, but that’s also a part of the game. Just taking more guys when people aren’t looking is a cheap way out. Be a grownup and take your beating like a man. Heck, if you lose one, it’ll only make your arguments “I’m not a threat” that much better next time.

Risk sucks because the combat mechanics are bad, but once it’s on the table, well, deal with it.

Cheating in games is only permisable if you play with a group who expect it, at which point it is basically a meta game.