Is it OK to cheat while playing RISK?

WTF? “Whisperer”?

Gets points for “Whoremonger” though!

War isn’t about being fair. As long as you don’t get caught, cheating at a war game hurts nobody.

Well, just imagine if you get caught cheating. Is your reputation worth a game?

Don’t get caught.

You should play Illuminati, where cheating is allowed.

I have to say I’m quite disgusted with a lot of you right now. If we ever meet at a conference or something, remind me never to break out a board game with you guys.

I like that the kids above “incest” are grinning.

No. It was Obama.

BTW, what’s Shacking, and why is it a sin?

Agreed. I’m quite surprised at some of the responses. I cheat at single player games, but cheating when real people are involved just breaks trust. If people will cheat you over a fucking game, you can’t trust them at all.

I would have expected to see “Communism” on that list, not “Witchcraft.”

I assumed they were referring to shacking up with someone.

It is only cheating if you get caught though, otherwise it is “creative gameplay”, thus the logical thing to do is not to get caught.


I was going to ask the same.

That pic cracks me up.

You know that Jack T. Chick is on his way to your house right now, Adree.

You just wait.

It’s fine if you’re playing with children. When you win you tell them that you just delivered a life lesson that you can’t win without rigging the game in advance.

This leads to a nice segue into a conversation about economics, politics or religion.

I think you two might need to check your sarcasm detectors. :P

I kinda like Risk except for the increasing army card mechanic. This was a game I played a lot as an 8 year-old and bring back fond memories of playing games with my family.

That said, I need to look at Small World! LOL

and… what was the consensus on the other Risk games like Godstorm?

Yeah, I’m also in the “Never Cheat” camp. It’s the Alexander solution to gaming’s Gordian Knot.

Shacking means staying the night to do naughty things. I’m not sure how much non-attachment is implied.

Way back in my AoE days (which got me back into computer gaming after 10 years of not playing anything) I started to see cheating at strategy games as deeply stupid (strangely, cheating at shooters I find simply annoying). Why are you even joining in all the painstaking planning and maneuvering if you’re going to cheat? Surely you can’t be so stupid that you actually ENJOY the illusion of having won…

As for the problem with players colluding to bring down the leader, that’s just an inescapable dynamic in board games of this type. Hell, in Diplomacy it’s half the game.

Fun game. Played it a few times and still looking forward to the next game.

Sucks. Risk 2210 is okay and surprisingly so is Star Wars Original Trillogy Risk (no, really) or even Nexus Ops (if you can find it).