Is it possible to automatically stitch Google Earth images together?

I want to make some high-resolution satellite maps in poster sizes. Surely some clever fellow on the internet has an automated way to quilt Google Earth’s output pictures together to make large images free of their unsightly branding. Does anyone here know of such a thing?

I don’t know of any automated way. If there is no such thing, then my alternative suggestion is to download the files and use Autostitch to put them together. The demo is free and awesome.

Google Earth really isn’t precise enough for satellite doomsday laser targeting.

Wow. Amazing.

I second that.
From the example on their page it really does look amazing.
I wonder if it works that well in practice.
For combining google maps I have also seen this product…
called the Google Maps Images Downloader.
I haven’t actually tried it though so I don’t know if it works.