Is it possible to be banned from Google search? Or an error be propagated?

Something’s weird in that over the last week or so basically I’m getting Error 500 messages both at work on Edge and at home when searching on Safari; ie., using Google. But when I enter a Private window, I can access Google again.

It’s also weird in that I can access Google if I’m using Chrome… so probably not banned, I would guess (if such a thing were even possible). It’s got to be an error being propagated / pushed through all my accounts, because it affects my home, iPhone, and work all at the same time. But I don’t know how it happens at both work and home, as there’s no overlap in accounts or operating systems / web browsers.

It’s probably a browser cache issue.

If your IP does too many searches they can do things like ask you for a captcha and such, but it’s not likely they’d block you entirely.

Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Sounds like something borked with your Google account but I have never heard of an outright block from using their search engine.

While this probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, my suggestion would be to stop using it and use DuckDuckGo. ;)

Nuke your cookies, bruh.