Is it possible to limit the range of a Switch analog stick?

I’d love to limit the left analog stick’s output on certain games, or at least have the option of doing it, to something below what its usual maximum is.

I looked at videos of 8bitdo’s configuration software, but it looks like it can only increase the “dead zone” or decrease the amount you have to push the stick before it’s at 100%. Those two things are literally the opposite of what I want!

I’m looking for any controller that will let me, for instance, have the stick acting like it’s only at 80% when in fact it is physically at 100%.

(This is for games where “run” speed is annoyingly fast but there’s no way to turn off running.)

Anything out there?

No, you can’t fight poor game design with hardware!
There were workarounds once upon a time, but they implied opening the controller and using a lot of rubber bands, and it wasn’t quitte satisfying.

Wait a minute. If I just get the right kind of rubber band and put it around the shaft (uhhh) of the stick, that could physically limit the stick so I can’t push it to 100.


I think for a proper efficiency you need to do it from below, but it was very imprecise, and was just a way to have extra resistance on flight sticks way back when, which had much bigger axis 〜 it wasn’t a way to limit the maximum travel, as much as make it harder to move away from the center.
I am sorry for my imprecise English.

This is honestly just for Persona 5. I don’t need flight-sim precision, I just want to go for leisurely strolls in the environment without breaking into a sprint at random.

I was figuring it was for Persona 5, because I have the same complain — and I don’t think it was that way on the PS4, from the little I could recall of it.
Maybe trying to move the inamovable earth by getting momentum on SNS towards Atlus so that they implement something in a patch is the more realistic (but somewhat hopeless, I reckon) approach!

Some people were complaining about it 5 years ago.

If you’re using Joy-Cons now and you used a real controller on PS4, that might be the difference for you. But I’m using the Pro Controller!

I’m using it as well: sadly even the Hori Pad Pro in portable mode is oversensitive compared to the Pro controller.

I guess we need to fabricate custom gamepad horrors to be able to stride around instead of running!

I just ordered these stupid things.

I didn’t know that existed. please report when you get those!

I ended up just getting used to Persona 5 as it is and haven’t even opened my silly little gamer rings.

Aw. We will never know now.