Is it possible to ship a package that will intentionally not get delivered?







The USPS sucks balls. I suspect the problem is with them.

Can’t the guy just go down to the post office?


“That’s weird and fishy…oh its USPS…carry on”


This finally arrived a day or two ago. So 🤷‍♂️

First time I’ve seen a USPS priority package mysteriously get delayed for 3 weeks.

Only the paranoid survive.


Was the story you were watching possibly a Seinfeld episode?


I have had packages sit in El Cerrito (according to the tracker) for very long periods of time. Some eventually reached me; others were returned to sender inexplicably; others turned out to have been damaged. I don’t think the guys in El Cerrito are the USPS A team.


I don’t think the package ever got to El Cerrito, though it is unclear exactly what did happen:

  • November 10th, 9:10 am from Charleston, SC → in transit

  • November 28th, 10:31 pm → arrived at Oakland, CA distribution center

Kind of a big ❓ as to what was going on between Nov 10th and Nov 28th, exactly… but hey, it finally arrived so that’s good!


I cannot for the life of me figure out why Amazon risks its rather good customer service rep by letting the USPS touch its packages.


People don’t blame common carriers.

Now Lasership, on the other hand… fuck Lasership.


Around here, people are hating pretty hard on the Post Office, even within the Post Office, due to, well, let’s just say the inability to get rid of people who refuse to do their job and thus make it pretty much impossible for the USPS to actually, well, deliver anything.


Well, because they’re cheaper, deliver on more days, and around here at least, have roughly 15000x the quality and success rate of delivery of either UPS or Fedex. But even in places where their drivers don’t compare favorably to the private companies, they’re still cheaper and deliver on more days.


Amazon has now started their own delivery service apparently.

Dunno where you live, but this is not the case anywhere I’ve lived.

The USPS is garbage.


I can’t recall having too many USPS issues where we live.


USPS experiences are nearly totally localized. That is, where you live and the USPS infrastructure and regional leadership seem to play a huge role.

Here, the only thing USPS does that FedEx and UPS don’t is Sunday delivery for Amazon packages. That’s it. Here, the private carriers are superb, with great drivers, prompt and courteous service, and people who actually think and understand that in general it’s ok to leave a generic Amazon box on your doorstep in semi-rural Vermont, where it’s more likely to be eaten by a bear or a beaver than stolen.

The Post Office, OTOH, here is riddled with oddball “characters,” many of whom fully justify my father’s old adage about the Post Office being “the last refuge of the unemployable,” an unfair and harsh stereotype that once in while reminds you how stereotypes are usually based on a grain of truth.

Still, overall, and considering every place I’ve been, the Post Office has done pretty well. But because it’s so localized, the experience changes radically when you move or personnel shift.


Yeah, it seems to be very localized. I have literally never had a problem with USPS in 15+ years of heavy online ordering. Like once or twice I had to go to my local, easily accessible post office to sign for a package with a legitimate signature requirement (as opposed to UPS deciding someone has to be there to sign for a package that the shipper did not place a signature requirement on, which they have done dozens of times). That’s as bad as it’s ever gotten. Otherwise, on time, guaranteed delivery with a wider window of delivery days. UPS has fucked my shit up almost certainly hundreds of times and has staggeringly shitty default policies (for example, if they fail delivery once - and it’s completely up to them if they even bother, so basically if the driver decides not to deliver the package - they no longer attempt redelivery at all. Your package is redirected to an arbitrary location and you have to either go pick it up - which is impractical for me - or have your shipper call and yell at them). Fedex is basically identical to UPS except very few of my packages ever go through them.

Needless to say, I would rather all my packages be delivered USPS. Or, in a pinch, Amazon’s own delivery service, who you can actually give instructions to leave packages at the door and they’ll do it.


I have yet to see the online tracking system for the USPS function… ever, as far as I can recall.


I’ve seen it plenty of times. It gets used quite a bit less though, since I don’t think it’s a default.


In a joyful confluence of shittiness, all three major carriers (UPS, FedEx, and USPS) suck fucknuts in Raleigh and my shit is routinely fucked by all of them, to the point that I dread ordering shit online because I just know it’s gonna incur a 30 minute drive to some creepyfuck warehouse or two hours of yelling at the local USPS about how no, no one attempted delivery because I’ve been watching my window all day culminating in an hour-long yelling-fest at the local post office that ends in their shamelessly dredging the undelivered package up from some woebegone warren of tragedies behind the desk. . .

Good fucking god I hate deliverypeople.