Is it safe to delete previous WOW patches?

I’ve been away from WOW for a couple of years, and this is probably a stupid question. Can you safely delete all previous WOW patch files (executables) from the main directory/folder? Those files are huge and I’d like to be rid of them.



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In that case, I have to wonder why these files aren’t deleted automatically upon an update. sheesh.

Back them up; if you reinstall WoW the process of patching is a painful one.

I worked out what the minimal set of patches were and burned them to DVD.

I would do that but I probably have every update on my drive since its release. Well, except for the last couple of years. ;)

How necessary are they if you need to reinstall? I would think a fresh install would supply the latest files necessary.

If you reinstall from Burning Crusade, for instance, it has to download a patch immediately, because the master version is a version behind what the release was.

That would be painful, then I’d have to download it on 3 separate computers. Having the patch remain means I can just move those files around and only need to suffer the downloader once.

Or, if you have to reinstall on one of your PC’s, you could just copy the entire WoW folder over from one of the others over the network. Works like a charm.

So, are you recommending that I keep all update files on my computer?

As long as you don’t need the diskspace.

Still not clear. Let’s assume I need the disk space.

Just get rid of them, and prepare for a huge PITA when/if you re-install.

Well, that’s pretty clear. ;)

Just download the patches you need, burn them to a CD and delete everything and reinstall.

1.0 to 1.12;5441790;/fileinfo.html

1.12 to 2.0;6302850;/fileinfo.html

2.0 to 2.1;7576133;/fileinfo.html

If you have Burning Crusade, you only need the last patch as BC installs to 2.0