Is it worth my time to go finish resistance?

Finally got my PS3 in a spot where I can play more than I used to, after GTA prompted me to set up things a bit differently. Going through my very small library of PS3 games I noted that I only got a chapter or two into resistance. It never really captured me, but I like the idea and the graphics of it.

Does the game ratchet up the fun and is the ending worth whatever amount of time I might need to get to the final chapter?

I found myself finishing the game out of sheer bloody-minded persistence more than anything else, honestly.

I don’t have a PS3, but in my reading I found a lot of people agreed that there’s a point about halfway through the game where a big twist occurs and this makes the gameplay a lot more satisfying. I cannot say if this has any actual truth to it, though.

I also just sort of wandered away a few chapters in. There was nothing wrong with the game, i just didn’t get that into it. Kinda a shame really since it has apretty cool premise and the production quality was very high.

I’d been thinking about starting a similar thread for a while. After finally kicking WoW I was on a mission to actually finish some games, and I’ve been doing a good job sticking with it.

I bought Resistance with my PS3, and couldn’t really get into it at purchase time. (I was more than a little worried by the concept that Resistance was basically the “killer app” for launch. It was the same kind of scary as the idea that high school was supposed to be the best years of my life.)

Anyways, I pulled it back off the shelf post-WoW, and spent quite a few hours with it, but it just wasn’t grabbing me. When I started thinking about asking the hivemind if the game was worth finishing, I decided to simply re-shelve it. The reason it got shelved is that, when was trying to describe where in the game I was, to “Does it get cooler? Am I at least close to the end?” I realized I had absolutely no idea where I was. Not a single moment, encounter, landmark, or story element stuck with me.

I’d like to like Resistance, and if there’s a chance that another hour with it would firmly pound the OMG AWESOME button, then I’d be happy to pop it back in. Otherwise, the post-GTA void is probably going to go to Killer 7, because I have to get wrapped up in something to make sure the pretty factor of MGS4 doesn’t get me reaching for my wallet in a moment of weakness.

Resistance is a blast. Just don’t play through on Easy, cuz you get fewer guns, and will use basically the same two guns most of the game. I enjoyed the game more than Gears that year.

I honestly can’t remember what you are referring to.

I will say, the final third or so of the game is the best for the most part, though the checkpoint spacing gets pretty cruel. The final boss fight sucks ass, though.

I went into Resistance knowing its a poor man’s Halo and dialing down expectations because it was, after all, a launch game. And I enjoyed it enough. If you are in the mood for another FPS you really can do much much worse.

Yeah, I don’t remember any kind of midgame twist.

I finished it despite the checkpoint placement and enjoyed it. There’s even incentive to replay because you get extra guns on your second playthrough. I say go for it.

Three things the sequel needs to do to be awesome: make easy mode actually easy, put a checkpoint every five feet, and ditch the healthpack shit and go for straight recharging health.

I’m on level 24 of 30, and it’s definitely better now than it was at the beginning. It’s quite a competent game, especially for a launch title, but I doubt I’ll ever want to play it again.

I don’t like the sound, lighting, checkpoints, how quickly you lose health, dumb miniboss enemies, super linear levels, super short levels, boring voiced over images instead of cutscenes, the presentation that does its best to make me not care about the story, enemies with the auger can track you through walls, the kooky guns are all but useless for normal combat, and the transistion between normal aiming and iron sights aiming is too abrupt and too zoomed in.

Everything else is good though…

And for some reason I’m terrible at the multiplayer. My kill:death ratio is 1:3, when in most games it’s at least 1:1, and frequently 2:1. I’m blaming it on the lack of rumble and shittiness of the analog sticks. …or maybe I just suck

I think so. I’ll echo a previous poster and say that I thought it was a better single player game than Gears. The weapons are better, for example. If it held, it’s about as long as every other shooter (about 10-12 hours).

There are two major shifts to me in the game. The point early in the game where you get regenerating health (which makes it easier) and a point much later when you have all the cool weapons and need to balance their use a bit.

I’d finish it just to play with the cool weapons, which is really what Insomniac does best. The force shield weapon is a blast in the middle of a chaotic battlefield. The rocket launcher where you can stop it in mid air is pretty fun to play with as well. I’ve actually started a second play through because they introduce new weapons if you do so.

I would highly recommend you finish it. It was the first PS3 game I played (mostly because it allowed split screen co-op throughout the entire single player mission…note to devs everywhere!!) and I really enjoyed it. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment.

I liked it more than most of the posters on QT3, as I have randomly interjected into various threads, so it’s kinda surprising to see some positive opinions here. The best QT3 seemed to think of it was ‘eh, just another shooter,’ while I thought it was a close match to anything else out there at the time. Bioshock may have crushed it, but Gears certainly didn’t, at least from my nigh pure single player perspective.

I liked Resistance a lot but don’t recall the gameplay changing greatly over the course of the campaign, so I’m not sure I’d tell anyone to finish the game if he already got bored with it.

I’ve been trying to complete it for over a year now. Every few months I revisit a stage or two with a completely positive mindset, but every time there is something that really irritates me about the design that forces my hand to quit. I’ve been languishing near the endgame for a long while now with little desire to ever polish it off.

I generally don’t feel the weapon balancing is very well tuned, some guns seem absolutely futile to use, others have such low ammo that you are too often left switching back to the weaker set barely putting a dent into the opposition. Grenades end up being the de-facto win button, unlike Halo which used them more as manipulation of the combat, here they just dominated moreso than any firearm could match.

Enemies rarely ever elicit reaction to gunfire, the spray-effect of most oncoming fire makes circle-strafing and even crouch cover impossible to use in most cases. Health drops far too fast and with no real defensive measures, frustration is the norm.

I genuinely do not like this game.

It’s a great shooter in singleplayer, though I wouldn’t call it superb. The campaign was competent but didn’t wow me, though co-op was really fun.

The multiplayer is fantastic though, and highly recommended. In my opinion, best multiplayer shooter outside of CoD4.