Is it worth while to take a 3 yeat old to euro disney

They have really nice offers including hotel and free admittance to kids, and my 7 year old would probably love it. Would a 3 year old find anything to do there?

There’s a lot to see and enjoy for the three year old, but most of the stuff he/she could try have huge lines (same goes for the 7 year old, but he/she probably handle lines better).

It also depends on what the parents want - if one is contempt with staring at all the pretty sights, waiting 30 minutes to try Dumbo for the umptenth time and see the same shows, while the other is off trying stuff with the 7-year old, then it’ll work.
But it depends (very much on the kids too).

We just spent four days with a 5-year old and a 9-year old and everybody had a blast… but our kids were also much more patient than most other kids we saw there.

Asked for a short answer, I’d probably say “no, wait a few years” - but I dodn’t know your kids.

Haha Hans, not picking on you, but I think you mean “content” instead of “contempt”. Funny mix-up though :)

Based on my experiences with kids at amusement parks of various sorts, I’d say don’t make any special efforts now, with the youngest at age 3. i.e. If visiting EuroDisney would involve travel and or significant expenditure, wait.

OTOH, if you will just happen to be a few miles from EuroDisney for other reasons, and/or have access to a super cheap package, consider it. But the 3 year old won’t really appreciate things, will have a short attention span and likely not want to stay at the park very long, and the difference between what a 3 year old likes/wants versus a 7 year old will be problematic.

i.e. Wait 1-2 years, at least, barring special circumstances.

My sister and brother-in-law are having the same dilemna. My question is whether it is worth going through the expense for (supposedly) a major holiday when the kid probably won’t even remember it. Your situation is a little different in that you also have a 7 yr old who will definitely enjoy it.

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I hope you are planning on bringing the three year old back from Disney, as well.

Well, we were planning of going specially for that but it sounds like we should wait. Thanks for the info.
BTW - I didn’t get the YEAT image. What does it mean?

Edit: Crap now I see it. This thread is a total disgrace.

I hate to be a grinch but unless you’re intent on teaching your kids hard lessons about crass consumerism, I’d skip Disney altogether. Take them camping.

Yeah. May I suggest the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort?

(Actually, you want to go camping somewhere nice, try Acadia National Park.)

Don’t listen to datter, Disney is awesome! The 3 year old might not remember the trip later, but I’m sure they’d have fun. The 7 year old would both remember it and love it. Just remember to take some downtime. Days are long at Disney. An afternoon break isn’t a bad idea for lunch and naps. I don’t know why people wonder why kids get bratty after they drag them around for 8+ hours from line to line with the only downtime being to cram a burger before getting in line again. Naps = awesome times.

We’ve taken all ages to Disney, and they all love it, from 1 to 18.

I got lost at Disney when I was 3. If your kid tells you to wait for him while he stops to wash his hands in a fountain, make sure you actually wait and don’t just wander off. Otherwise, he’ll hold bitter resentment in his heart even 25 years later.

I mean, I guess they would, I wouldn’t know for sure.

We took our daughter to LA Disney at 3…and again at 4. She enjoyed it much more at 4. While there is a lot to see and do, 3 was just a bit young to not only handle all the stimulus for day, but she really was a bit too young to “get it”.

That said, it would kind of suck for your 7 year old not to go just because a sibling is 3 and not 4.

It isn’t LA, it isn’t even in LA County (or Louisiana for that matter). It’s Orange County, in the city of Anaheim to be exact.

Glad you got the point of my post. And is there even a Disney in Louisiana?