Is Jade Empire worthwhile

Hey, I did a search and saw no results for people mentioning Jade Empire being on Steam, so I thought I would ask. Is it as much fun as KOTOR? Bioware strikes me as a really good company at heart and the game is 30% off.


Yeah… I always wondered the same…

Is it Backwards Compatible? I might pick it up if so, on tuesday…

I enjoyed it quite a lot. More than KotOR in fact, although that’s a minority opinion. Basically it’s a more action oriented KotOR and it doesn’t have quite as deep a plot or extra characters. I liked the action bits a lot, personally and I preferred the settting to the Star Wars setting in KotOR (but again that makes me a minority opinion).

Yes it’s BC for the 360, that’s how I played it. Didn’t have any problems.

It’s nowhere close to as good as KotOR, but it is probably better than KotOR 2 overall. It’s shorter than you think and the combat system is pretty spare and clunky, but it’s probably worth playing for the money it costs now. It’s the most average thing Bioware has ever made, IMO.

I liked it a lot. Just like KotOR, it’s linear, with lots of spoken dialogue and fights along the way.

I personally liked the battle system, its real time and was only challenging in certain parts. For the most part it was very easy, but I kind of enjoyed that part too. It made me feel very powerful. I also liked the fact that even though I played a female character, I was still able to flirt with other female characters, and talk of taboos ensued.

The ancient Chinese setting is very refreshing, and the game has a great art asthetic. It just feels very nice.

Don’t expect the Good vs Evil theme to be as nuanced as KotOR though. In KotOR, for the first time in a game, I was actually tempted to go over to the evil side, because their arguments for why they did what they did were so well formulated and well articulated. Not so in Jade Empire. They don’t call it good vs evil, they call it open palm and closed fist, but its basically even closer to good vs evil than KotOR’s dark-side/light-side was.

It’s quite worth it, and yes, it’s backwards compatible to the 360.

I enjoyed the storyline very much, and the combat was an interesting change of pace. It gets a little unbalanced towards the end - like KOTOR, it’s easy to make an overly powerful main character - but it’s still lots of fun going through the game the first time. Being able to shoot fireballs, then transform into a golem, then break out a fighting pike before finally punching them in the face for a K.O. - all in the same fight - is very unique for a RPG.

Recommended for anyone with a 360 with an interest in RPGs.

And the PC port is coming out in 10 days with updated graphics (higher res textures).

I enjoyed Jade Empire a great deal. The combat system is not at all clunky, in my opinion. A lot of fuss was made over its “rock, paper, scissors” approach, probably because it used that exact example in the manual. What would normally be called a “balanced” battle system was labeled a simple rock, paper, scissors game because of that…and the internets.

Anyway, the combat is easy, in general - so I suggest setting it to the maximum difficulty. It doesn’t necessarily get hard, but it does offer a better challenge and also helps expose the nuances of the battle system. I suspect that many people who attacked Jade Empire’s combat did not play it on the hardest setting, and instead chose to criticize it for being too easy and simplistic. Ok, end rant. :)

I really loved the settings and the art direction, too - and the large amounts of the bloom effect finally felt at home in a game, rather than just being the new lens flare. The whole game had a very dream-like quality to its presentation, and I really responded to it…in much the same way, I suppose, as the same dream-like presentation of Sands of Time hooked me.

The story…well, the story is Bioware’s story, isn’t it? Their games are great, and their stories are always fun to progress through, but ultimately they seem to keep recycling the same basic storyline. This isn’t a knock against Jade Empire any more than it is any other Bioware game that uses the now-familiar story arc…it is what it is.

I say give it a go. If you like RPGs with atmosphere, interesting characters, refreshing art direction, and an interesting, balanced, and - yes - involving approach to combat, you won’t go wrong with Jade.

Apparently it has quite a bit more than that (according to the website: * Customizable, intuitive controls including support for game-pads and keyboard/mouse, increased graphics resolutions and new visual effects, new monsters and enemies, new fighting styles, mproved combat AI and difficulty levels and new world map interface).

— Alan

Yeah, I saw on the official forums where Derek French, the technical producer, said it supports widescreen resolutions and in-game anti-aliasing options. It’s a shame it’s taken this long for the game to be brought over but it sounds like a good port.

Even on the highest difficulty setting, the combat will present almost no challenge given how obvious and exploitable the nuances are. I mostly stuck to standard repeating tactics, only experimenting for the sake of experimenting. It was all mostly really lame.

The plot can be enjoyable though, climaxing into some intense moral dilemmas that Bioware handles well. Goofy at times, and almost always beautiful, but it’s the weakest in their catalogue.

Great game on the XBox. Don’t know if I’d enjoy it on a PC, and I am mostly a PC gamer. It’s not a game to play to see how hard it is though; you definitely play for the exploratoin and story. Like these guys already said, most of the combat is really easy (there are exceptions).

One thing we had LTI Gray Matter change was the default AI from the Xbox to get stuck in a block, allowing you to just leap over a target and pound them down. It sounds like a small thing, but it was quite impressive to see the results of it.

Jade Empire will also be available digitally through the BioWare Store, as well.

If you liked KOTOR, you will probably like JE. For people like myself where subtracting Star Wars was a plus, it was actually a better game. Then again, I still found the good/evil dichotomy extremely lacking, in that the bad guy path essentially consisted of being a jerk. I don’t view the easy combat as much of a defect as I expected no different from the makers of KOTOR, but I was depressed that they spent so much time trying to make it different and better and ended up with more of the same instead (or so the previews led me to believe).

After playing Virtua Fighter 4? Guilty Gear X2? Devil May Cry 4? Ninja Gaiden Black? Hell, Tekken 5? Jade Empire’s combat is pathetically easy. Doesn’t matter what difficulty setting you’re talking about. For those who aren’t fans of action games, okay, I can imagine it might pose a challenge at first, but I still bet you can easily figure out what it takes to steamroll your way through most battles.

After playing Dynasty Warriors 5? God Of War? Okami? Never mind that Jade Empire still falls short on the challenge front when compared to those games, but its combat is nowhere near stylish enough to compete.

And after playing Diablo 2? Fallout? Disgaea? 90% of RPGs, both action and turn-based? Jade Empire’s character development system is paper thin, to put it charitably.

Everything else about the game is great IMO, so I enjoyed it overall. Superb setting, good story, good voice-acting, the twist on the usual good-v-evil branching paths gimmick isn’t always well-executed but when it is it’s so very great… there’s a great deal to enjoy about Jade Empire. But there are many other far superior options when you want to either get your RPG gameplay or your kung-fu action on.

And of course it has The Standard Mid-Game Bioware Plot Twist™ going for it.

I was going to buy this off Steam but will hold out instead for a free copy from my friend. At least I hope he’s getting a copy since Bioware didn’t directly work on this port.

Just out curiosity, where do you rank KOTOR?

I pretty much agree with Curst’s post, except I gently recommend Jade Empire. For some games, the atmosphere and art direction are a good enough reason to play through despite so-so gameplay. I played and finished on the Open Palm side, found it a bit hollow and disappointing but still enjoyed it enough to start over on the Closed Fist path. The Closed Fist dialogue options seemed just like LK and others have noted about Bioware’s implementation of evil: just being mean, instead of being evil and insidious and deceptive. I gave up and flipped it on ebay. Didn’t regret the first play-through though.

I’ll get Jade Empire for the PC. Everyone here bitching that it’s “too easy” is very encouraging since it means I might actually be able to finish the game without cheat codes…