Is man not entitled to the mobile port of BioShock?

Title Is man not entitled to the mobile port of BioShock?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When August 4, 2014

BioShock is coming to mobile platforms. 2K Games has announced that they have created a port of BioShock for iOS on fourth-generation iPads and later, as well as iPhone 5, 5S and 5C..

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Oh my.

They're doing it wrong. Port of a game I played years ago is not premium pricing territory. And, excluding all but the powerfullest recent iOS devices doesn't work either (didn't they see the recent slump in tablet sales in the tech news sites???).

Don't get me wrong though--it's gotten bad enough with the freemium and low price games with in app crapp that I don't even try games that are too cheap anymore. Gems and coins for purchase are as unwelcome as pecker tracks on a wedding dress.

I would pay a premium price for newish Bioshock content though.

I'm sure that if it were technically possible to stuff Bioshock onto early generation iOS devices they would have done so.

You're on fire with these article titles, Mssr. Diamon!