Is Metroid Prime all that and a bag of chips?

Just wondering. I’ve seen a couple previews on IGN and Gamespot that made it sound like a more adventure-ish FPS. Or maybe not a shooter at all, I dunno. I’ve avoided shooters for a while, but Timesplitters 2 sort of piqued my interest because of coop options and a construction set. I could have some quality father-son time… you know, killing stuff in a video game.

But Metroid could be better, maybe? I’m worried that the “adventure” part may be lame or simplistic or both. I could do the father-son thing in Mario Party instead.

I liked it at e3, and fusion certainly rocks.

If it’s anything like the previous Metroid games (and from what I’ve read, it will be), you’d be better off with Mario Party. Metroid is a single player experience. It doesn’t have any sort of official multi-player format, although some people play in a group, one person controlling the game and the others helping out.

That said, the previous Metriods were incredible single player games, and I know I’ll be in line next week to pick up Prime as soon as it comes out.


I wouldn’t recommend either game for two players. First off, Metroid is all about single player. The series has always excelled at creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re alone on a far-off world that you don’t know much about. It’s best played in long stretches when noone else is around.

Mario Party, on the other had, is a lot of fun, but it’s much better with four people than it is with two, or even three. I feel the same way about Bomberman and Smash Brothers, even though they are all excellent games (well, OK, Bomberman doesn’t offer too much, but what it does offer you can play for hours on end with the right people, and Smash Brothers has a lot of great single-player stuff).

If you’re looking for a two player game on the Cube, you might be better off with Timesplitters 2. It’s made by some of the people who worked on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, which, as far as I’m concerned, are the best FPS games on a console ever. Like you said, tons of multi-player options, and a good single-player game as well.

Also, I really like Waverace, if you’re up for soemthing like that. It’s not exactly pick up and play, the control scheme is really tight and takes some getting used to, but it’s very addictive.

Haven’t tried the Godzilla game, but I hear great things, so check that out, too.

Good luck.

I was unclear. I’ve got several options for multiplayer with my son and daughters, and was thinking about adding TS2 to it. But I know that Metroid is SP only… I was just wondering if it measured up to the hype.

We’ve got SSBM and Bomberman, and they’re both really good multiplayer titles. My kids are also anxious to play Mario Party, so that’ll probably be a Christmas gift… if Sonic Collection doesn’t catch their eye.

Nah, Metroid Prime would be for me.

I played the demo version that’s available at major retailers like Best Buy now. All I can say is that it is exactly what it’s been touted to be. It looks like the biggest game of the year on Gamecube and possibly the biggest game of the year, period. I absolutely loved it. I got a good twenty minutes of play time before I finally said ENOUGH and walked away because I didn’t want to spoil any more of the game. The graphics are fantastic, but so is everything else. It is most definitely a more adventure focused first person action game than a straight up shooter and that’s what makes it Metroid.

I took advantage of that Toys R Us deal a couple weeks ago to get three new PS2 games. That, coupled with my purchase of Age of Mythology (Collector’s Edition) has shot my game budget to hell for the rest of the year. I probably won’t be able to get Metroid Prime until December 25th now and after playing that demo, I’d probably not have made that purchase if I’d have known it was THAT good.


Dave’s right–it’s real good.

The game has no loading times at all, not even when you first turn it on. You see the Nintendo splash screen, the Retro Studios splash screen, and then the title screen. From there, you get started right away, and the game never, ever breaks you out of the experience at any point from there on (well, there are a few very short noninteractive cutscenes). The big, seamless world of the game is really detailed and really impressive. This is easily one of the most atmospheric games to date, which sounds like a bold claim, but when you play the game you’ll see why it’s not a stretch at all. Those who like PC games like System Shock 2 will really appreciate the detail in all the environments, and the somewhat deliberate pace. You “investigate” the world of the game, rather than just blast your way through. Some of the puzzle design is quite inventive, the jumping doesn’t suck, and the action is good.

The designers did an incredible job of making it play just like Super Metroid, but in 3D. If anything, some of the Metroid conventions are so prevalent (respawning enemies, lots of jumping, backtracking through old areas using new abilities) that it’ll hold the game back a bit with those who aren’t familiar with the series. But you’d have to go out of your way not to like this game. It’s just very well made.

As for Metroid Fusion, the GBA game, it’s great–but really short. Only about five hours, and the linear story limits replay value.

I never got into the old Metroid games because I never owned an NES or SNES. What little of them I saw turned me off because it seemed to mostly involve shooting walls until your next passageway was revealed. Hopefully that convention died with the shift to 3D.

Anyway, I played a bit of Prime in the local Best Buy and I struggled quite a bit with the controls. Can anyone who’s been previewing comment on whether they too found them akward or if they eventually suit the game and I was just trying to play it too much like a standard console FPS?

I played the demo at Wal-Mart today. It may be the smoothest controlling FPS I have played on a console. I normally HATE FPSs on consoles because of the controls, but it felt instantly intuitive. I was pleasantly surprised. The game also has a lot of great feel to it. The ability to scan things to find weakness or activate objects, etc. is a nice touch. And right away I really felt like I was playing metroid. I had my charged up shots, and my freezing beams and missiles and such, plus the ball of course!

I honestly was not planning on getting this game, but it is slick. It will now be on my Christmas wishlist for certain. Try the demo at Wal-mart or some other similar store for yourself. I think you’ll like it.

Christmas, bah! Seeing demo footage of Metroid Prime running on a 'Cube this Spring is one of the main reasons I have a 'Cube now! I’ve been waiting months for this game; you’ll find me storming the EB next week. :D

Has there been any discussion of a PC version?

Are you high?

A lot of stores have the playable demo now. They keep kicking me out at 9, though.

LOL! :lol:

Are you buying? :D

I played a demo in some software store and it seemed fun enough. Not enough to make me buy a Gamecube though. ;)

If you had to buy a special $200 GameCube that only played Metroid in order to get this game I would buy it without hesitation. Then again, I own a $400 remote control, so maybe I just need to cut up my credit cards…

I saw in the Sunday paper that Taget has Metroid for $19.99 if you get a Gamecube.

There are numerous good deals on Metroid Prime this week. Best Buy is offering $20 off a Gamecube and Metroid Prime together. K-Mart might have the best deal for those with Gamecubes, $74.99 for Metroid Prime with a Wavebird. Circuit City has a free limited edition “cel” art for MP with purchase. Then there’s the target deal too.

This is the week to get it if you need a Gamecube though as you’ll save a lot more by buying the two together.


Ack. But what about those of us who are already supporting Nintendo and already have a GC? I want a good deal too!!! BTW, there are other great games for the console, for those who wonder. Mario Sunshine is an excellent platformer and Eternal Darkness is an interesting twist on the survival horror theme. The ported games (football, Tony Hawk, etc.) play well too. I haven’t tried Starfox, but I hear it has its moments. I am looking forward to Zelda of course, but my next big anticipated game is Gladius, which I think will also be on the PS2.