Is my HDD dying?

My system is configured with a 512GB SDD as my System drive (C:), a 1TB drive as my Data drive (D:), and an old 250GB drive as a Backup drive (E:). I also have a 2TB Seagate backup external drive.

The D: drive has been giving me some issues. More and more frequently, I’m finding some of the media files I download to be corrupted – 0 bytes, failing halfway through playback, etc. When that happens, Windows reports problems with the drive, does a scan and repair and then reports the drive as “Healthy.”

In all my years of computing, I’ve never had a drive go bad on me. Is that happening here? I just picked up a 2TB 5400 RPM WD Blue drive this morning (man, storage is cheap these days!), but I don’t want to go through the hassle of installing and copying everything over if the current drive isn’t failing.


Sata cable, bad drive, ram problems (but other drives would have errors too)

To check drive you don’t use Windows, they have self correcting reserved clusters. You had a drive tool from manufacturer.

You really should copy anything valuable just in case… if it’s steam installs they don’t matter much then

I use HD Sentinel Pro but SMART isn’t always good to trust. I’ve had drives fail immediately after reporting A-OK and “all-green” while still in the 70-80s of health lifespan percentage. Much of the SSD failing was mostly due to my fault due to daily re-imaging but my OCD has been treated since those days.

Replace the drive, it’s going bad.