Is my motherboard dead?

Secondary PC.
was fine till recently, video card played up, so bought a new cheap one. everything was fine for weeks.
then today turned it on and NOTHING.
opened it up and saw the mobo green status light comes on once I connect the power cable ok, so power must get to the mobo somehow. But the power on switch achieves nothing.
No drives spin etc. I unplugged all power connections to drives, and took out every PCI and AGP card. No difference.
could it be the power switch? or is it the mobo? any way to tell?
Bah. thank god I copied my data off a few weeks ago.

It’s gonna be either your mobo or your power supply. I know you have your green LED inside, but it could be a matter of standby voltage being good but not actually getting your power on voltage. I don’t know what to tell you as far as testing goes beyond swapping hardware.

I will say it sounds more likely to be mobo than PSU, but I could be wrong.


To remove switch as a candidate quickly short the offending jumper. Unlikely candidate thought.