Is my PS3 Slim dying already?

I don’t think that the thing is even three years old and it’s crashing in the dashboard. When I turn it off it makes a quick three beeps and when I turn it back on it complains about not having been shut down right, then it does a quick checkdisk type procedure and starts normally, but then crashes after a little while. Is there anything I can do?

Doesn’t sound good. If you don’t have PSN+, maybe you could sign up and keep the machine on long enough to back up some save files.

OK, I managed to navigate over to system update, and it went through all that fine, and when I restarted I managed to shut it down properly holding down the PS button on the remote. So, fingers crossed. Maybe the Blu-ray I was playing was somehow too modern for the version of the system software that the thing was running before.

I had the same issue. Mine died after a few minutes of use over and over again. I thought it was heat related due to dust build-up, but I cracked it open (years after warranty expired, btw) and it was pristine. Then I learned that you basically have to adjust the trim pots on the PS3’s power supply. (Vids below). You’ll need a Torx security bit to crack it open. I did it, and my Slim has been working absolutely fine for hours and hours on end since. It’s a widespread problem, though.

This happened to me, too. I didn’t know about the “trim pots” thing.

Seriously, though, this is why Fuck Consoles. I never have to put up with shit like this from my iPad. Meanwhile, I’m on my second PS3 and my third Xbox 360, apparently because I’m a gullible sucker who doesn’t learn his lesson.