Is Paul Walker Australian?

This might sound kind of random, but I know that Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Russel Crowe, Naomi Watts, Paul Schafer, and nutsak are all Australian. But I just watched Eight Below and Paul Walker’s American accent in that movie is so bad that I figure he must be one of those stealth Australians. Does anyone know for sure?


Is this one of those trick questions? He’s from Glendale, CA.

The internet says he is a Southern Californian native.

I don’t…what…what’s going on here? Christian Bale is Welsh. Paul Shaffer is Canadian. Schafer is German, apparently. Also, not an actor. Am I dreaming this?

Edit: Okay, I think I get it. They say “Where’s the cahr,” we say “Where’s the cahr.”

Doesn’t he hail from Austria? (Those are the same place, right?)

Paul “J.J.” Walker was born in the Bronx in 1947.


We need an Aussie witchhunt! Paul Walker is really a sleeper agent.

Yeah, his accent can be a little thick at times: it’s a dialect known as SoCal SurferDude. 100% pure.

The answer can be found here:


Maybe? Wikipedia says no, but “Wikipedia” has the same number of letters as “Australia”, and as everyone knows, Australia is entirely peopled by criminals, so I can clearly not trust the information in front of me.

Where was I?


Sucky actors aren’t all Australian Tom.



Russell Crowe is only sometimes Australian. When he’s winning awards or appearing in awesome movies like Master and Commander, sure, he’s an Aussie. But when he throws telephones at people, gets into barfights, and appears in dreck like A Beautiful Mind, it turns out that he’s actually from New Zealand.

The actor that starred in Into the Blue, which I actually kind of like is probably not Australian. I think I looked it up years ago and he was American. On a similar note, when I used to watch Without a Trace on CBS, I was shocked to find out Poppy Montgomery was one since she has no hint of the accent when she spoke.

Good actors can hide their native accent. I know a lot of people who have no idea that Hugh Laurie of “House” is from the Uk, and I wouldn’t know that either except for having seen him earlier in his career on PBS imports from UK television.

Remembering his performance in the Fast and the Furious and its sequel, I find it highly doubtful that he’s an Aussie. They’re good, but I don’t think they could quite replicate that B-movie-actor vibe with quite the same authority that Paul Walker can. He’s must be a California native.

But didn’t they dub over his voice for the American release to hide the accent like happened with the original Mad Max movie? He’s a secret Australian, for sure.

I’m pretty sure they dubbed over Mel’s voice for all the early releases of Mad Max, Australian included. Mainly because Mel’s voice wasn’t “aussie” enough. It was later restored, of course. I’ve always thought it was funny that Mel wen’t back and did the later films despite that snub on the part of Kennedy and Miller.

They dubbed over everyone’s voice and changed some of the slang because the original US distributor didn’t think the audience would understand it.

Bad idea with Mad Max. Probably would have been a good idea with some other aussie import films, like Young Einstein. ;-)