Is Perpetual Dead?

This is what I have heard. Is it true? Can anyone confirm that they’re shuffled off the mortal coil?

Nah man, it just keeps going.

Hah, hah.

Knew that was coming.

Anyway, I ask because Gods and Heroes’ death was confirmed for me by Perpetual staff through official channels just a few weeks ago. Now, those same channels ain’t replying to me emails asking about Star Trek for a preview I’ve been assigned.

Did you try the publisher?

What publisher?

They still don’t have a publisher?

I don’t think they’re dead-- they licensed their MMO platform to Bioware for the Bioware Austin cough I mean EA-Bioware Austin developed MMO, and their last post on the Star Trek Online site’s blog was November 12th.

Well, no one is answering the phones over there…

And they were working with SOE for Gods and Heroes. Wonder how that’s working out for SOE…

As a funny aside

When I was in the San Carlos Best Buy a few days ago, they still had about 40 Gods and Heroes preorder boxes on the shelf.

I thought Bioware Austin had licensed the Hero Engine from Simutronics.

“The Perpetual online platform […] [incorporates] tools for player management, billing, customer relationship management, game feature extension, load-balancing, lobby servicing, patching and community management …”

From the Bioware deal press release. It’s a support suite, not an engine.