Is Restaurant Empire actually good?

I have seen a couple of positive reviews including Ms. Cindy Yans’ praise in the recent CGM. I had written it off to a once well-respected developer cashing in on the “tycoon” craze to stay working. I realize he has done a couple of other things since the Seven Kingdoms games, but nothing that has really been on the map.

It’s ok. Nothing to write home about. Very simple and straightforward.

I don’t think it’s very good at all, but then I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Chan’s games. I find the gameplay bland and uninteresting, the graphics unengaging, the sound effects worse than mediocre, and the narrative framing elements laughable in terms of both content and style. I like sim games, too, so it’s not that I’m out of my genre. Maybe it gets more enjoyable the deeper you get into it, but I couldn’t stomach more than a few hours.

I would have imagined a rubber stamp 70% score across the board from the previews and the saturated genre itself. I guess I will try the demo anyhow. Does Chan possibly have comprimising photos of Ms. Yans?

I plan on getting the game since its on sale for like 20 bucks at most places… as well I have an itching for a Chan game… I liked Capitalism 2 and Seven Kingdoms…


I’ve been dying for a new quirky management sim for a while now, but all of the games I’ve investigated (Tropico 2, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, Restaurant Empire, Ghost Master) all have their issues that make them unappealing (mainly in the area of replayability) and the upcoming games Republic, The Movies, Space Colony haven’t released enough information about their actual gameplay to figure out if they’re good.

This is always the point where I wonder, should I reward mediocrity so the marketplace “works”, or should have faith in bean counters and hope that they realize its the games not the genre?

Ah well, back to Vice City.