Is Rock & Roll dead?




Refuse to pay a subscription fee, and hate advertising. Amazon Prime music (and I pay the extra $25/year to host all my own rips up there). I used to plug new bands I liked into Pandora to see what was like them. Got really into the Dollyrots that way as well as Palma Violets, but I think they died - glad I got to see them live once however - but one of the 2 main members looked like he could be headed for serious drug problems at the time.


I mean I use Google Play Music which has discovery features for ass, but thanks to being friends with some very musically inclined people on FB, my own super music nerd gf (ex-writer for 130BPM and 365AAY), and the New Music 20XX and Recommend Me Some Heavy Metal threads here, I do a moderately decent job keeping up. I could follow a few blogs, but meh, that’s slightly too much effort when people whose opinions I trust can filter things for me!


I was going to post some stuff by Blitzen Trapper, whom I like. But most of the stuff by them on youtube is more folksy.




So Rock and Roll ain’t dead, it’s just relegated to the space of jazz and swing now. Ok then!


I don’t think there’s a couple dozen swing concerts a week in Raleigh, but okay.


You’re just not hep to the scene, gene.


If you’d put down the muggle you could find a place to cut a rug, Jackson.


Rock is only dead if you slice and dice the genre to make it some old fossil, or hate anything new. Just off the top of my head, active bands that I would consider in the Rock pantheon I’ve listened to recently:
Arcade Fire
War on Drugs
Death Cab For Cutie
Belle and Sebastian
Modest Mouse
Kaiser Chiefs
Franz Ferdinand
The Killers
Of Monsters and Men
Imagine Dragons
Tame Impala

There are others you could probably argue for like Josh Ritter, Father John Misty, Nathaniel Rateliff, etc. If I actually looked through my playlist for the past few weeks, I could definitely add more… oh hey - lemme glance over from yesterday - Spoon, Dan Auerbach, The National, Real Estate, Phoenix, The Shins. Yep - totally dead.

Many of these bands I listed have no problems selling out large venues - the genre is fine, it just doesn’t sound like it did in grandpa’s day (and Thank God for that).



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I will always see Foo Fighters as Nirvana sans Cobain. Hence post-grunge? The evolution of a wonderful, heavy, over-mediacized subgenre with its own tragically beautiful pantheon. I heard the news when I was 13 and barely knew who Nirvana was. When Cornell departed it generated a cloud like gloom for me that persisted months. It’s amazing how one can feel such a deep, almost spiritual connection to musical figures one has never met but through their music.


Oh man, Cobain’s death hit me hard. I was a senior in college, kind of a burnout case, and he killed himself right at the same time my roommate was hospitalized and it was just all, I don’t know, too much. Funny though, that roommate said he figured I’d end up in Seattle once I listened to so much grunge in college.


I remember liking Teen Spirit as it was MTV but other than that the entire US grunge and UK indie and Britpop genres completely passed me by as I was a raver/clubber.

I dont think Rock is dead though because over here Glastonbury/Reading etc are mostly guitar bands and are like this year on year.


Yea, but in the United Kingdom people will actually gather to see soccer.


I’d like to add Twin Peaks - they’re playing and living the rock and roll dream if anyone ever has.


Reading decided to contradict me and the line up this year leaves out any rock bands headlining.


Well, Metallica just announced they are coming here later in the year.


I never really liked the post-grunge stuff like Foo Fighters or Green Day. I don’t like the grunge stuff anymore, either, because to me grunge now sounds too much like bad “Southern rock”, despite coming from Seattle. In the 90s-00s I mostly listened to psychedelic rock or psytrance, which gives me a headache now too.

I like Beck’s most recent album, though it’s more like a dance album in some ways. I like Blitzen Trapper because they do sound like Southern rock (despite also being from the PNW), but a better version of it.

Lately, I listen to “Classic Punk” on Spotify, but they seem to replay the same tracks over and over. I’m listening to some 80s post-punk too. I don’t like post-80s punk rock much because it all sounds exactly the same.

Not much new or recent stuff.