Is Rock & Roll dead?


Amazing voice isn’t it?


And for another band of brothers with a Dad who raised em right, this time the band comes from the small town Missouri area… Radkey

And yes, they are black. If Hendrix (or better still, Living Color) played 90s era Offspring flavored punk…


I was thinking about posting Radkey. You kind of bury the lead there though after talking how the singer from a Greta sounds like Plant but failing to mention how Radkey’s singer can do a dead on Misfits era Danzig.


My son put me on to them a while back. Like Plant fronting the Black Crowes.


When it comes to 4 kids from Michigan being Led Zepp reborn and Radkey’s pretty great stuff, there is no doubt that one of the best selling recording acts of all time is the led, er, lead.

The story corrects a misconception I had. I knew that two of the brothers were twins. I mistakenly thought it was the bassist and lead guitarist. Nope. It’s the lead singer (Josh Kiszka) and the lead guitarist, Jake Kiszka.

I presume their being identical twins explains Josh’s deliberately discordant hairstyle. Without it, the resemblance gets in the way. Still not a fan of the hair though. And from their performances, it’s also pretty clear that being a charismatic front man is something Josh doesn’t know how to do yet on stage. The Highway Tune video is far more complimentary to his frontman charisma than his stage act.

He’s still learning; they all are.


Impressive. TIL.


Since they just announced tour dates, here’s a couple of ladies who rock, Bat Fangs. Betsy Wright was in Ex Hex (who also rock) and while I appreciate Mary Timony’s guitar playing, Betsy had more stage presence when I saw them live.


Rock & Roll is not dead in Turkey, at least.


Speaking of bands that sound uncannily like old bands:


How about old bands that still sound like fantastic old bands?

If you’re not pumping your fist to the speakers during that, you’re dead.






Well, going to see them with Dorothy (who rocks) when they come to SF. Looking forward to it.


In this case, yes, Warren Zevon is, sadly, not with us anymore.


What the hell? Warren Zevon is dead??


Yeah dude. It sucks. Thus my post. This was another guy that had his own personal demons.

“First of all,” Zevon said, “let me say that I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years. It was one of those phobias that really didn’t pay off.”

I personally think that Warren Zevon was one of the great musicians. Great song writers. He was a genius. In my limited opinion.


O.T., but one of the best Dylan concerts I ever attended happened to be on the day Zevon died. He did a killer version of Werewolves of London as an encore.



My favorite flavor of Zevon: acid garage folky Warren. (I think that’s Warren’s first appearance on a recording, as “Lyme”.)


You’ll have to forgive me but I didn’t know who Warren Zevon was by name but that song I do know and it’s great. Which of his albums would you recommend looking into first?