Is Rock & Roll dead?


<boyish excitement intensifies>


I’d start with Excitable Boy. That has Werewolf on it and several other classics. After that? Hard to say. I like Mutineer and Life Will Kill Ya. I have all of his albums, they all have a few songs that I really enjoy. Enjoy!


Awesome, thank you!


Yeah, what the hell?
Did we have a thread?
edit. nm Was a bit before I got here.

But still, did you guys have a thread? This place was here then, I believe.
further edit: I knew none of this (Hint: Waddy Wachtel was a fantastic guitarist):

Oh hell, just here’s the whole damn wiki.


I typed “Zevon” into the search bar for this forum and discovered that there were two threads about him, one regarding his terminal illness and final album, the other his actual death. They were search hits 2 and 3 on the list.


My bad. Sometimes I post without thinking of the obvious.
Anyway, I do need to check out more of his work, since that wiki entry was filled with interesting information about him that I was totally unaware of back in the day. For instance, I thought “Werewolves Of London” was a somewhat decent “novelty song”, not knowing about his “signature macabre outlook”, or the fact that he had all of those excellent musicians working with him. Or that he had even passed on.

I was an oblivious teen with an appallingly narrow musical interest that I’ve only in recent years begun modest attempts to correct.


Warning double post below, also posted in Music 2019, although this was from a a few years ago.

Rock and roll isn’t dead just hard to find sometimes. Stumbled across these guys and can’t stop listening

Hope someone else gets hooked like I am.


Stumbled onto these guys on Classic Rock magazine’s best of 2018 disc. Awesome. Local!


Those are both fantastic! Thanks for giving me something to listen to at work tomorrow.


Fuck yes, All Them Witches are amazing. They’re coming to town next month, and I am trying very hard to think of how I can weasel into cutting a planned family-vising trip short to make it back in time for the show.

And Crazy Bull are a ton of fun @DaveLong! Thank you for linking :-D

I’ve honestly been digging a lot of modern psychedelic, blues-tinged doom metal, stoner rock, etc. in the last few months. There’s a pretty impressive spread of variety. Warning: most of this represents a pretty broad spread out from the above-linked ATW and Crazy Bull, but there are definitely similarities, too :)

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are sort of quintessential here (and I thank–I think it was–@Giles_Habibula for the excellent rec in the metal thread awhile back). It’s all 70s fuzz and whining vox cutting through the haze of weed smoke and it’s just incredible.

But I really loved both of Mythic Starship’s 2018 releases. Upheaval goes a little more space rock, while Another Shape of Psychedelic Music went full-on jazzy at points, but both are just absolutely monstrous, gorgeous releases

Graveyard gallop with the best of them and take on some Clutch-like vibes that I really get into when I’m looking for something with a little grunt and oomph to it in this musical ballpark.

The Hazytones’ second album last year also just rocked the fuck out in alternating trippiness and heaviness that I dug a lot

Royal Thunder capture some of that simmering, driving, edge-of-release intensity that ATW hits, but maybe with a little more belting here and there :) – seriously though, Mlny Parsons got some fuckin PIPES

Lucifer basically just go full on 70s female-fronted rock and it’s totally glorious in a stupendously cheeseball way

Vanishing Kids infuse this glimmering sparkle into the hazy rock tones that I got absolutely addicted to late last year. Also Nikki Drohomyreky’s soulful, echoing vocals are just. . . everything.

And finally The Necromancers’ Of Blood and Wine is just some amazing goddamned rock and roll that feels like it can flow from 70s doom-tinged proto-metal to 00s cock-rock in a single riff.

Fucking seriously, though, rock and roll is alive and goddamned well in 2019.


Fuckin’ A, dude. Fuckin’ A.
And thanks for your mini write-ups there. Checking them out now.

Also, what’s the origin of the phrase “Fuckin’ A” anyway? I remember saying it a lot in high school in the 1970’s.


Next to Judas Priest’s Flamethrower and Turbowolf’s The Free Life, this is my favorite album of 2018 without a doubt. Their first disc is excellent too. Another find from that Classic Rock roundup…

Tax the Heat!


Hah, I never realized the phrase was that old. Weird!

Also, Google literally just recommended I check out Gorm, and I am gonna go ahead and comfortably rec them for more heavy psych instrumental goodness.


Thanks for the list, definitely will listen myself through all of them.


New Ex Hex sounding good, and to me very Rock & Roll