Is Snowboardcross a real sport?

You can get hurt, in a rollerderby kind of way. So it has that on golf, but honestly, does anyone see this continuing in the future?

As long as it’s the only sport America can dominate in, yea, it’ll keep going.

I meant all the snowboarding sports in general.

It was one of the most interesting things to watch at the olympics so far. So many of the sports are people running by themselves against the clock. This and short-track speed skating are both pretty cool, imo.

Any event with crashes will continue into the future. Snowboarding (of any kind ) has the benefit of being dominated by americans for now.

I think we’ll see some culling of sports soon because not enough countries are competitive.

Various types of baseball are out already.

Women’s hockey might be on the out simply because there are really only two competitive teams.

I don’t see snowboarding lasting unless other nations become more competitive. It can’t be just a Canamerican sport.

I think this is one of the reasons I’m not very interested any more:

The Xgameization of the Olympics! :(

Given that Sweden beat the US today to get to the Gold Medal game (women’s hockey), don’t expect it to go away soon.

One of the reasons baseball got axed was how hard it was to hold a meaningful tournament in the timeframe involved. I think it will become/remain very clear next month how the world is competitive in baseball. Granted, “world” means “US/Carribean/Central America/Japan”, but it’s certainly not just 2 teams (US/Cuba).

Snowcross rocks.

I think they can’t remove it according to the Olympic statutes, actually. I believe they’ve put it in text that both men and women must have the possibility to compete in any sport.

“You know the rules! No girls or animals can play!”

Also, big kudos to the Swedish women for being the first team ever that’s not Canada to beat the US.

German women exist to breed German men.

Swedish men exist to breed Swedish women :).

Yeah, it’s a sport if it doesn’t involve judges giving points IMO.

Well technically speaking the exception to the man/woman rule was baseball, the female version being softball, which is a semi-different game. Can’t really think of any other sport, but yes they both got removed… and lost their appeal as well I believe (just recently). Problem is that there is a minimum number of sports for both Olympics apparently and the London games are something like 2-3 short.

I actually thought the IOC was going to vote rugby in since it’s in England where of course the game is big and will attract good teams from odd places (various Pacific islands, South Africa, etc.) but nope.

As for the xgamerization, I’m not too surprised honestly.

— Alan

I’m glad. Ice dancing makes me cry.

Of course it’s a sport, and an exciting one at that.

And although it cost the US girl her gold medal, she’ll probably become MORE of an icon in that sport for what she did than had she just been vanilla and gotten the gold.

The X-games sports are saving the Winter Olympics. Bring it the fuck on.

Ski jump?

Rugby was an Olympic sport, it was introduced in 1900 and was dropped in 1928. The winners in 1924, and thus reigning Olympic champions, were the USA. However only three teams entered that year, the USA, France and Rumania.

Of course, it’s a real sport. It’s no different from ski racing, except it’s more fun because the people are out there at the same time. I love the snowboarding events…they are probably the most interesting winter olympic sports. Although I like the ice skating. Actually, this isn’t that different from speed skating, IMO, except that speed skating is boring as hell.

Except for short-track, which everyone watches just for the crashes.

Thanks Mike for the rugby thing, I did not know that.

— Alan

Banked corners, hooping downlslopes to get more speed, banked corners and huge rolling jumps just as fast as you can? Badass! Track and field with 50 mph speeds and 10 foot verticals.

Exciting stuff that pulls from multiple disciplins at the same time.

I watched the video of whatshername’s screw-up over at the official Olympics site, and god I was laughing so hard. It couldn’t have been scripted any better.

“a commanding lead” “gold-medal position” “flawless race” “exactly where she wants to be”

And then the fall and the pass and the second-place finish, and she stands there with her head down literally two feet from the laughing screaming jumping entourage surrounding the actual gold medal winner. And then the instant replays begin and the announcers progress from confusion to incredulity… fantastic.

The later Ashlee Simpson-esque move of denying everything was just the icing.