Is Space Tyrant Good Enough To Deserve It's Own Thread?


Yes. Yes it is. My only gripe is that the camera doesn’t zoom out farther, but when I asked about that one of the developers indicated that it used to but created UI problems.


No one bump this thread until the game is actually out!



Oh crap. This dev made the excellent Slayaway Camp puzzle game.


It’s out isn’t it?


Not sure if you are serious, but I am sure Tom means out EA.


Oh yeah, sorry, I meant available for sale.


Well is it?


For those with 16:10 resolution monitors, be aware that the game currently does not support it and the devs have stated it might not ever support it. As a result, the game will switch from full screen to windowed mode without the player’s consent.


Such a fuddy duddy.


Thanks for the heads up on this. I hate it when games don’t support my 16:10 monitor.


If Space Tyrant deserves its own thread, doesn’t Star Fleet Armada: Rogue Adventures, right Mr. @BrianRubin? Can’t stop playing it. And not in EA!


I think that game certainly deserves it’s own thread. Biggest pleasant surprise of the year for me so far.


it’s true!


also Bejeweled


Do it!


It’s certainly available in Early Access for sale! I’m not sure of the etiquette around Early Access games though…


I’m afraid the screenshots would hurt people’s eyes.


Updates from the devs:

We are working on support for non-16:9 resolutions currently. For time being you’ll be stuck at that 1300ish resolution or playing it windowed, where you can size the window larger than that. Sorry!

No exact ETA on when it will arrive, but yes, the process is starting on our end to get it working.

So it is coming, which means I’ll likely be re-purchasing it!


I’ve shelved this for now. Not because I think any the less of it, but it’s so polished it’s easy to forget it’s still in EA. I just don’t want to be burnt out on it by the time 1.0 arrives.


How is it selling? Because the Steam page seems to indicate that if it doesn’t sell well, it won’t get finished… :P

Trying to figure if I want to use this 33% coupon or not.