Is Space Tyrant Good Enough To Deserve It's Own Thread?


I bought it and refunded it, but am reconsidering.

Basically there are so many games now that appeal to me that you have to be above good to grab my attention.

This grabbed my attention but in my campaign, as spacebunnies, it seemed like I was clicking alot, for nothing.

I will probably buy it again, because I can, and because I think we should support people like this.


I bought this earlier. Seems like it would be a great mobile game. I wish this were on my Android, or my Xbox. I can play it on my PC, but I don’t game much on that anymore. I only bought it to help feed suffering indie devs… and because it looks interesting. And so far it is (except for the grating, compressed music. That stuff got muted immediately–now I listen to Cattle Decapitation while playing).

The main reason I hadn’t picked it up until now is because I hate the term “beer & pretzel game” more than I hate the idea of indie dev studios closing down.


Just won on my first pass with the bee campaign. I had an epic back and forth contest in the last scenario, until I could finally array my 7! fleets for the victory.

This might be the first scenario where I saw the tides of fortune swing so dramatically. I got off to a slow start as space monsters were everywhere and I had a bunch of one-way space lanes headed the wrong way. The special helmet I had protected me from the space monsters and they ended up helping more than they hurt me. I think the AI may just use RNG as to where fleets will move next, so the monsters ate many empire fleets.

After getting smashed by the empire in my first few attempts to leave my side of the squadron, I was finally able to sneak around the bottle neck and pick up some more planets. It was still touch and go as it takes so long to catch up with the empire’s research lead, but I finally got a couple more fleets and reached near tech equity. Then, the empire headed two of it’s fleets off into a dead end leaving one fleet defending the homeworld. A couple of death rays and I was able to destroy the homeworld fleet with my second strike force. I reinforced the exit where the rest of his fleet resided and was able to wipe them out.

I got a little worried in the end as the AI spawned three fleets not too far from my homeworld, and I was scrambling to send some reserves to defend it. Some poor bomging rolls and sending a fleet in to the jaws of a space shark slowed it down sufficiently for me to get the victory.

I’m waffling about whether or not to bump up the difficulty to hard with the space slugs, or wait until I win a campaign with them as well.


I’m enjoying this game very much (thanks belouski!) but still very much feeling my way around in the dark. I’ve beaten a few missions, slowly getting the hang of it, but there’s much I don’t understand. For example, in my first game I captured the bee homeworld (it was in the bee sector) and won the mission. Is that because I captured the homeworld, or because I coincidentally hit the 60% planet control that was one of the victory conditions? At first I assumed the former, but now I’m not so sure!

What happens if you lose your homeworld on a mission…?

Also, screw you Space Hamster! It’s like a mobile bomb wandering around on the edge of my sectors, and it terrifies me.


You win any mission by defeating the enemy homeworld. You just do it with flair when it also is the planet to provide you the 60% control you would otherwise need to win the mission.

Space Hamsters and Sharks are tough. I can’t remember if it is the rabbits or bees that have the commander with the ability to destroy a space monster after losing to it twice. My bee campaign got a lot easier after I found a helmet that makes all monsters ignore your fleet.

I just lost my technoslug campaign in part due to a Disaster that threw a space hamster onto my homeworld, I was able to beat it eventually, but still lost the mission because the enemy ultimately conquered my homeworld. You lose any mission if the enemy conquers your homeworld.


Space Hamster area attacks totally owns small ships.
Shark laser attack totally owns big ships.

But because big ships have big guns and higher relative HP and shields, Sharks are easier to deal with.

When they are enraged, it can take out the fleet quite quickly. So I typically tend to have about 1/2 or more the fleet’s powers unactivated so that I can burst the HP down when they are enraged.


Not to threadcop or be a hall monitor, but using “rape” in that context is pretty gross in modern American English.


Seconded. It’s just not ok.


Apologies for the inappropriate language. Begs for all your forgiveness.


I appreciated the tactical analysis! Perhaps the post can simply be edited rather than hiding it?


I’m playing a three star mission now, and my ass is in serious danger of being kicked. If I lose this, the senate will control the sector and it’s game over, so it’s pretty tense. What I need is for one of these mega fleets that’s roaming around to encounter one of my small militia fleets, and then I get the Armageddon tactic so I can wipe it out. :) That saved my bacon on the last mission.


That sort of tension is exactly what I found so compelling about this game. The wins are all the sweeter, and the losses at least provide release.


I’m sure you just didn’t know, so just edit your post and use “beats” or “bests” or something and all is forgiven.


Atonement made in humble supplication. I love you guys =)


Was there some way to customize your cards and I just never saw it? It always looked like there was a way to change your deck.


I never became aware of it if it existed. I think you may just be limited to expanding your deck as you unlock new cards.


No. And you don’t really have a deck of X cards from which finite draws are taken, to which one’s traditionally accustomed. The dev explained how deck draw works in ST during Tom’s podcast with him. Essentially, you’re more likely to draw cards whose cost is close to your max crystals. So if your max crystals is 4, you’re more likely to draw 3- and 4-cost cards, less likely to draw 1- and 2-cost cards. The deck has only one copy of each card, but that card can be drawn multiple times.


What the shit.


Hmm; does this mean we can cycle through our deck several times in one game?

Anyway, I’m still liking this game a lot. I’m also on a 3-star mission, and it’s a close thing. Also, unless I’m mistaken, it’s always “ironman” mode – no saving and reloading. This adds to the tension, which is great.


That’s just it: it’s not a deck in the traditional sense that’s shuffled once it’s been cycled. Think of it more as a pool of unique cards from which cards can be chosen and a copy added to your hand. Tom should correct me if I have any of this wrong. :-)