Is Space Tyrant Good Enough To Deserve It's Own Thread?


You should be seeing some progression as you gain abilities after every campaign, win or lose. Only a few really sharp players were able to win on their first attempt. Off the top of my head - look out for the prison planet that is usually close to your home planet. Getting that second fleet as early as possible is very helpful. If I remember right, the rabbits have much better small ships than big. Most scenarios, can be won most efficiently without big ships. I think maybe a couple cruisers to provide healing to the small ships was good for the rabbits.

Learning the best strategies for beating the different types of scenarios is probably the most critical aspect. Often, you’ll need to focus on Research in one scenario, but then focus on Cash the next. Don’t play it like other 4X. So, I hope you normally aren’t a turtler, because that won’t work if you want to be a Space Tyrant.


Thanks for the tips, I’ll see about applying them next time in!


The role space monsters play in this game is just RNG bad luck that can basically wreck an engagement. Not impressed with the design element at all.

After fighting an entire campaign to lose the last battle because I have the misfortune of repeatedly being the one a flying hamster and space shark decide destroying my entire fleet repeatedly rather than the AI’s is just BS. I have zero control over this. Spent 15 hours of pretty much perfect play never losing only to be handed defeat by something I can’t do anything about doesn’t feel very tactical or strategic, just random.


The space monsters never attack the senate forces deliberately (though you can sometimes bait them into it).

The algorithm seems to be:

  • If there’s a player fleet adjacent to a space monster (which is in its home base) at the end of a turn, the monster gets a red exclamation mark symbol.
  • Next turn:
    • If there’s a player fleet adjacent to the space monster, it will attack one such player fleet. This doesn’t have to be the same fleet as triggered the attack last turn.
    • If there’s no player fleet adjacent to the monster any more, it moves to the node it was triggered from anyway.

So you have pretty much full control over when and where the space monsters will attack. The only time they should cause a real headache for a mission is when they completely block a key access route to the rest of the map.

I have noticed a few oddities when loading a game with a space monster already triggered.


I had four of them floating around my section of the galaxy where I spawned. Full control, haha.

Fired up a new one, hopefully the RNG gods will smile more favorably upon me in the last battle.


I call fake news on beating the rabbit campaign on the first try. Unless you pour over a wiki before even starting and achieve some major statistical outlier for RNG results. You don’t have any of the good cards or abilities unlocked. You only have 1 commander, which means you never lost a single scenario (instant game over when you only have 1 commander) your first try? Before knowing which units are good and which are useless (rabbit carriers)? Before knowing which encounter choices will screw you over? Before knowing how space monster movement works? Or the effects of each crises? The game changer approach of the final battle?

I don’t buy it. I’d have an easier time believing that someone beat FTL on their first try.

(they easily could have made this game ten times better by giving the senate the blue+gold color scheme, and your forces the black+red one that you only see in the loading screen)


I’m with that other guy though. The RNG can screw you over way too suddenly for a Roguelike where the runs are that long. There’s been a real slew of too long rogue games lately (this, Darkest Dungeon, They Are Billions). That’s why FTL worked; around 2 hours should be the limit.

The scenarios themselves should be about half as long. A big part of that is having to sit through the encounter & invasion animations.


I beat the first two campaigns on my first try. Working on the third. I lost one scenario and limped along with an injured commander.


Fifth Fret the space tyrant god! Tough being a god when the mortals won’t worship you. ;)

To the mortals, I’m in the 2nd run through, about 1/2 to 2/3’s through, we’ll see how the final battle loads out this run.


Nah, FTL is actually hard – this was just tedious. I beat the rabbit campaign on the first try – also the only try because the game got shelved for good right afterward.

In answer to your objections: Because I didn’t have any of the advanced stuff unlocked, I just picked all the options that stacked bonuses on basic frigates and destroyers, and ignored everything else – it seemed to work out well enough. I did fail one mission, but by that time I had already unlocked a second hero. I briefly tried out the other units, but quickly came to the conclusion that the carriers were pointless, and just kept sending massed frigates and destroyers. I got plenty of negative effects from encounter choices, but none that screwed me over to the point of being unrecoverable. I never learned exactly how space monster movement worked, just gave them a wide berth and moved away when I saw they were about to move. I almost lost the final battle by going for a quick decapitation strike and getting clobbered by the infinitely spawning reinforcement fleets, but eventually stabilized and wound up laboriously conquering every damn system on that map over the course of three stultifying hours.

100% agreement with you about the color scheme and the campaign being way too damn long, though.


I’m still quite enjoying this one, finally beat the rabbits and about to start in on the next race.

I’ve never sorted the pattern on space monsters either and just work to avoid them. I wish when you do have to tangle with them and occasionally end up defeating one that you got something significant for the trouble but it didn’t pan out that way for me.

I like the color scheme, the art and pretty much all the choices you have to make a long the way. The campaign is a bit long if you lose as I did the first go as you’re stuck then starting from scratch, but I like the length of your standard engagement, I play one of those in an evening and then call it a day for the game and then return tomorrow for another. I like that.

To me this has proven one of the more entertaining games I’ve played so far this year. This and Battletech.


Won with the slugs!

It took a single, solitary lost campaign before I realised the Slug cruisers kicked ass (and a bit of bad luck with space monsters). The final mission involved at least five enemy fleets being eaten by space monsters!

Hard modes left now. I expect they will take more losses.


I’m trying currently to win with the 2nd race and struggle a bit when running into the slugs, they can be tough.

Still having a blast, but admit I’m now a little distracted by massive updates to Battletech and Rimworld…


I’m reporting back to no one in particular since I always come late to these things thanks to picking them up on sale after everyone is already done with them, but hey, gonna come back anyway to say: 50 hours in and i’m still having a blast playing this game. And I’ve yet to win with the 2nd race and don’t care, I just keep trying anyway.


I so wish they’d streamline the game. Cut out all the invasion animations, replace the encounter texts with something faster, and you’re good. Losing to the final battle wouldn’t be so harsh if a run was only 5 hours instead of >10.


Yeah, there is a lot riding on that last engagement. I’m about to do that one again and hope for better results!
I don’t so much mind the length of the campaign that leads to it so much as I would prefer that I had the option to save as I see fit and not be stuck in this rogue-like save system. After playing through the campaign and losing a couple times if you want to at that point just play the final battle over and over till you beat it I feel that should be an option. Not like I’m asking others who like the rogue-like approach to give up on it, I just want another choice.

Regardless this is still for me one of the most fun games I’ve played this year.


I’m still bummed that the devs aren’t going to provide additional content. :-(


Yeah. I’m done with the game having beaten it on normal and hard mode with all three races. New races could easily draw me back in though.


Alright, alright, alright. 2 races down and one to go. On to the slugs!

And yes, still loving this one at 50 hours in. ;)


I love this game but I ran into an amusing bug. Here I am playing with the Techno Slugs on an economics mission and on my first turn I try to take down some neighboring bunny ships lead by Chloro Phil. I manage to knock out all of Phil’s smaller support ships, and he managed to knock out all of mine too but his Cruiser stays active.
And when I mean that it stays active, it really stays active. I’ve been stuck in the same battle now for 20 minutes.


Chloro Phil keeps casting Healing Stasis and Bulwark on his Cruiser and my Techno Shields just keep regenerating. I can’t kill the bloody pansy with my weak level 1 tech cruiser party ball and he can’t break through my sluggy shields. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway,… Have fun!