Is Space Tyrant Good Enough To Deserve It's Own Thread?


Space Hamster area attacks totally owns small ships.
Shark laser attack totally owns big ships.

But because big ships have big guns and higher relative HP and shields, Sharks are easier to deal with.

When they are enraged, it can take out the fleet quite quickly. So I typically tend to have about 1/2 or more the fleet’s powers unactivated so that I can burst the HP down when they are enraged.


Not to threadcop or be a hall monitor, but using “rape” in that context is pretty gross in modern American English.


Seconded. It’s just not ok.


Apologies for the inappropriate language. Begs for all your forgiveness.


I appreciated the tactical analysis! Perhaps the post can simply be edited rather than hiding it?


I’m playing a three star mission now, and my ass is in serious danger of being kicked. If I lose this, the senate will control the sector and it’s game over, so it’s pretty tense. What I need is for one of these mega fleets that’s roaming around to encounter one of my small militia fleets, and then I get the Armageddon tactic so I can wipe it out. :) That saved my bacon on the last mission.


That sort of tension is exactly what I found so compelling about this game. The wins are all the sweeter, and the losses at least provide release.


I’m sure you just didn’t know, so just edit your post and use “beats” or “bests” or something and all is forgiven.


Atonement made in humble supplication. I love you guys =)


Was there some way to customize your cards and I just never saw it? It always looked like there was a way to change your deck.


I never became aware of it if it existed. I think you may just be limited to expanding your deck as you unlock new cards.


No. And you don’t really have a deck of X cards from which finite draws are taken, to which one’s traditionally accustomed. The dev explained how deck draw works in ST during Tom’s podcast with him. Essentially, you’re more likely to draw cards whose cost is close to your max crystals. So if your max crystals is 4, you’re more likely to draw 3- and 4-cost cards, less likely to draw 1- and 2-cost cards. The deck has only one copy of each card, but that card can be drawn multiple times.


What the shit.


Hmm; does this mean we can cycle through our deck several times in one game?

Anyway, I’m still liking this game a lot. I’m also on a 3-star mission, and it’s a close thing. Also, unless I’m mistaken, it’s always “ironman” mode – no saving and reloading. This adds to the tension, which is great.


That’s just it: it’s not a deck in the traditional sense that’s shuffled once it’s been cycled. Think of it more as a pool of unique cards from which cards can be chosen and a copy added to your hand. Tom should correct me if I have any of this wrong. :-)


Correct. It’s not a deck builder or anything like that. The cards are just a way to conceptualize that you’re unlocking new one-shot powers that go into a pool, and whenever you “draw a card”, you’re generating one of the one-shot powers based on what you can afford and what you’ve unlocked. There’s no discard pile or shuffling or anything. Calling them cards just conveys the randomness of drawing from a deck and the idea of a hand limit.



Thanks for the clarifications on how “cards” work.

Can’t wait to play more tonight!


Now 33% off (its deepest discount) through May 15th! And they added “partial ultra-wide support.”

Bargain Thread 2018

Must… tyrant… more… but… Battletech.

Some games I play a while, get distracted by something else, and then never return to. But I keep feeling the pull of tyranting. I will be back to crush those rebelling worlds and feed their rebel leaders to my pet snails, where they will experience the torture of a thousand scraping radulas.


I’ve had this on my wishlist, but not sure I will like it, but I will support the dev. I may never even play it. :(