Is Speciation Driven By Climate Change?

Incredible stuff.

In a nutshell … climate change favors white genes every 11,500 years and just when it looks like immigration is going to dilute it all away, the next ice age hits and selects for specialization again. The Earth is a gigantic evolutionary pump that uses weather to keep speciating our genes for the traits that lead to survival in harsher cold climes.

This is why I think the second Ice age is getting ready to hit. All looks lost, but nature is getting ready to clean her house and straighten up the gene pool again. This is a big secret that enricher buddies don’t know about. Mother Nature doesn’t much care for them and has major plans to whack them at earliest possible convenience, just by changing the thermostat.

Oh, god.

I’m sure we’re the master race and everything, but that “lecture” is completely batshit insane. Illustrating dubious intimations about evolutionary theory using PARABLES centered on skateboarders and curbcut religions is the kind of thing that begs for peer review.