Is Spore going any further or has it been abandoned?

I had my nieces and hyper nephew over for the weekend and we had a blast making Spore creatures. I was hoping to see Maxis would be further developing the franchise so cute, non-violent critters would have as much potential as scary ones. I know EA made cuts to Maxis, and wondered if they’d fully abandoned Spore, or if they’re going to try and develop some of the things players have been asking for since the game was released? For example, we wanted to make Dolphins and Penguins, but it seemed pointless since they can’t build or develop a civilization in water.

I hope it’s still being developed because if they stop now, it’s just flushing a lot of amazing potential down the toilet.

Spore is either proof that evolution is a myth due to how bad it is or proof that evolution does exist in that it (hopefully) died out due to how bad it is. Either way, we win.

The ability to customize your little single cell organism immensely and then have the game shit on you when none of the choices you make affect how the game plays out past the cell stage, something that was promised.

This is Daikatana level betrayal, using a big name to entice customers in to a trap and then beating them with one of the millions of unsold copies until they gave up their wallet.

The game was hyped up on that amazing potential, and then the creature creator sealed the deal for thousands of potential buyers, and then a piece of turd was delivered.

Deader than a doornail.

Dead, dead, dead from what I can tell. I think EA realized pretty quickly that Spore was not going to be the cash cow that The Sims has become.

The “tribal” stage in Spore killed the game for me :(

Yes, that is a big thing they could address in an expansion pack.

I was wondering that as well. I know some if not all expansions were killed off. They aren’t giving up on the brand. Spore islands was just launched of Facebook and a bunch of sore games for the Wii and DS were launched. On rumor I read was if there was going to be future spore titles they would be more like Pokemon and Monster Battle than any thing else

All the stages were like that. Weak and without purpose.

It can’t be fixed in just an expansion pack though. The only part of spore that shouldn’t be trashed and thrown back to the drawing board is the amazingly fun creature designer and cell stage, everything else is stuff you would expect from a $10 bargin bin shovelware.

If i didn’t know better i would think will wright died right after the cell stage was complete and so they hired derek smart to make the rest of the game.

So Will Wright has entered Peter Molyneux hype land? I guess The Movies is dead too.

Didn’t someone else take the blame for Spore going away from the evolution angle?

I think Spore gets a bit of a bad rap, but they probably should have gone up through a more robust creature and tribal stage and added the other stages as expansions.

Wil Wright isn’t really involved in Maxis anymore, so it’s not really the same thing. There’s some debate on how involved he really was in Spore beyond some concepts and early direction.

As to the OP’s question, the franchise isn’t totally dead but it wasn’t as successful as EA thought it would be. The end result has been a few expansions and that’s probably going to be it.

No, Will Wright fanboys tried to blame other dudes, but Will Wright said he was closely involved with the whole thing, and ultimately responsible for it.

Spore-hating aside, though, hasn’t it actually sold pretty well, as PC games go? I mean, not WoW/Sims/Nancy Drew big, but pretty good all the same?

Yeah because it is a black & white situation where reviewers just play the early game which is good and then don’t play the rest which is bad beyond belief.

That and they released the creature creator “demo” early which was very good and a lot of poor souls fell victim to that trap.

Now that it is known what spore is and the trap is exposed for what it is, i’d strongly doubt a sequel would do anywhere near as good and would be met with much caution.

Spore supposedly sold over 2M copies last year and still shows up in the Top 20 PC games sales charts - usually in the lower half, but still there. Probably a pale shadow compared to The Sims juggernaut, but despite the gamer hate I think it’s fair to say it’s done pretty all right.

Nitpicky point: Spore was totally about intelligent design.

Perhaps if it was marketed to fundies as such it would have done better.

Sure, Spore has done well, but is it a one-time wonder or an IP EA can milk the way they’ve milked The Sims?

EA wants games they can do new iterations of. They would like a Spore 2, 3, 4, and more, and trillions of expansion packs.

It would be a shame if they did abandon it. Such a great game.

Though the first expansion was weak weak weak. Because what everyone really wanted out of Spore was a bunch of linear adventures with no save points and no replayability, right? Anyone have sales data on that?