Is the DS Still sold out in the states?

My little sister asked me to buy one for her birthday and although I’ve been looking on-line for one I’ve been having no luck the past month or so.

Is it really still that bad out there or am I just looking in the wrong places? I don’t want to buy one from Japan and ship it out if I don’t have to…but with the date closing in, it looks like I might be forced to if I can’t get one on-line within the next few weeks.

Seem to have it up here but not sure if that helps you that much.

I looked this weekend and couldn’t find one. At the stores I asked they said they are still getting them in but sell out as soon as they get any.

I’ve seen the pink ones at a couple Targets but that’s about it.

Having a pink one doesn’t make you gay btw.

Just gets you in touch with your feminine side.

Not sold out at all. I’ve been to many stores to get DS games for the nephews and niece and every one had DS-Lite’s in stock. And enough games to sink many battleships. There is NO lack of DS related items here anyway (mid east coast.)

I saw a few in both Walmart and Target this weekend.

What’s amazing (ummm…ok, barely interesting) is that I bought one in early December for myself with NO problem. It was basically a whim purchase. I decided to swing by and get it for the Xmas break and grab a few games I had heard about. I bought the last black one, and the girl said it like I had accomplished something. I thought “That’s pretty dumb…it’s not like they’re rare.” A week later no one could find them. It was like an instant scarcity.

The local gamestop has them in quite often, but they do seem to keep selling out after a couple of days. Ever since some point late last year they have been somewhat scarce… you can’t just walk into any store and expect them to have some in stock, but they aren’t as difficult to find as the Wii. If you call around, there’s bound to be a store or two in your area that has them in stock.

I just picked one up an hour ago.

Both gamestops in town were out, but the local Circuit City had several. They also gave me some chocalate for free and a carrying case.

Also, Wii’s are finally in stock here.

I’ve started seeing them at retail again, and they’re featured prominently in the weekly ads.

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I bought one for my niece before Christmas, spur of the moment just walked in the store and it was there, they disappeared after that, finally found one for my sister a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been looking for one for my other sister ever since but they’re sold out everywhere I look.

Third pillar my ass.

I still can’t find one. I ran around last night for a couple of hours. nintendo is really pissing me off.

Amazon resellers have the white one new starting at $170. I like using amazon’s reseller program because you’re entirely protected. You deal with amazon paying via credit card, amazon pays the seller, they ship the product. I buy used books through them all the time. Just pick a seller with >200 ratings.

Thanks but I’m not over paying for a used item.

Protected or not, anyone buying a DS for more than $129 is a dumbass who is perpetuating all of this bullshit flipping consoles when supplies are low bullshit. Not to mention they are throwing away $30-40 for no good reason.

The GameStop at the local shopping center had DS Lites in stock when I was in there earlier this week. They aren’t that hard to find, really. Even Wiis are pretty easy to find around here now.

They are new. I agree about overpaying, but if it’s for someone’s birthday, you gotta do what you gotta do.