Is the fighting game community worth saving? A weekend warrior weighs in.

Title Is the fighting game community worth saving? A weekend warrior weighs in.
Author Jeff Jarlett
Posted in Features
When March 13, 2012

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the community that plays fighting games recently regarding misogyny, with two high-profile incidents in the past week: a sexual harassment incident shown on webstream via a reality show used to promote Street Fighter X

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I never understood the stink. That is seriously what drove me away from various nerd groupings in my previous life before parenthood. You really can't shower before leaving home? WTF? You still live with your parents, get them to explain hygiene to you. Please.

Wow, last time I read an article here before looking at who wrote it; I went through this entire piece thinking it was Tom Chick. The only clue was at the end when he noted "I don't have the time off work to spare," and I thought "Tom Chick doesn't work!" :-p Though I have to admit, Tom hobnobbing at a fighter games tournament was quite the image.

Ultimately, take it as a compliment on your writing that I made such a stupidly awesome mistake.

Nice article, the thing about the stench surprises me as well. A minor nitpick: last paragraph "other events wAre happening".

Well, these folks who stink are often shacking up 10 to a hotel room, just like anime cons.

That said, the worst stench I got at any convention was from a pair of Morrigan and Lilith cosplayers who wore the costume 4 straight days. They looked awesome, but you wanted to look from a distance after day 3.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

HOW many people got disqualified from the tournament by sleeping in?? That calls into question that professionalism of these events. More than the sexist trash talk and the not showering, which are offensive but incidental to the actual competition.

(I knew a guy who dealt with Anime Convention Funk by dabbing his nose liberally with Vicks Vapor-Rub.)

The person who won the SFIV tourney got placed into losers bracket (DQed from match) due to oversleeping. DQed happened left and right due to some disorganiztion this weekend, and folks choosing to prioritize one game over another. At least one person in the KOF top 16 also got DQed.

As for professionalism, I think the community doesn't put enough emphasis on this- but I come from a military background, and many of the folks in the community come from a very different background.

Ultimately, it's up to the individuals, though I do think tournaments need to be much, much stricter on this, especially when it comes to Finals when you know you're in, it's the only thing running, and you know what time it is.

One criticism I have of the event is that it was too big for the folks handling it, they had many more folks then expected. This is a solvable problem, the person running the event had a death in the family so his head was all over the place (and many folks showed their sympathy and love this weekend), but it is frustrating.