Is the government hiding evidence of alien visits? No, seriously. Are they?

The one silver lining to 2016 would have been if the president finally declassified the truth about the aliens. No way Trump could resist that.

So, I guess there are no aliens. /sadface

If you want the truth about aliens start another thread and I’ll fill you in.

The short story is there are ongoing DoD investigations into UFOs and no one has any idea what they are, who controls them, or why they’re here. Google the NYT article from December of least year.

There’s nothing left to declassify really.

That F-18 incident was so damn weird. It wasn’t just the pilots who saw it, but the Aegis cruiser had been detecting it for days, which is why they vectored the F-18s to intercept. And they got it on video and (presumably) the radar tracks.

And by sheer coincidence, the pilot was featured heavily 10 years ago in PBS “Carrier” documentary series, where they filmed an entire deployment aboard Nimitz. So I sort of feel like I know him.

Well god damn, my alien homies, GET IT DONE. Whatever it is, it’s better than this shit.

Unless it’s all Childhood’s End. That shit still freaks me out.

They’re just here to pirate all our movies, tv shows, and sports events and pipe them back home to the intergalactic cable network. We’re the Earth Channel. We’ve got cool shit. You only get the Earth Channel with the Gold Package.

Aliens, man. Aliens.

Do they have a Gorilla Channel? Asking for a friend

The heck are you guys talking about. Someone create a thread already, I love this type of stuff.

Best. Quote. Cutoff. Ever.


Thing is Trump could ask and someone would tell him no there isn’t anything and that would be the end of it, no matter what information there actually was.

If aliens talk to Trump, they will destroy or entire planet in an effort to contain the infection.