Is the next Portal game a bridge too far?

So what you’re saying is that the next Portal makes an injudicious decision to attempt to capture Arnhem bridge?

You’ll be shocked when Dirk Bogarde makes it all the way to the end.

Bridge Constructor Over The River Kwai

So you’re saying the next Portal game will have Obi Wan Kenobi?

Up next, Chel Horse Adventures.

Looks great.

Out today! $10

500k copies sold!

This is a pretty fun game, and a great portal tie-in.

Well worth your time if you have gamepass. :)

Messing around with this again, its fun!

About half way through, this is a fantastic use of the Portal license!

Sigh. Wishlisted. My backlog now includes massive wishlists on 3 platforms.

This was still in the first chapter, and that’s as far as I got last week. I agree it’s really charming and well done so far. I love that Glaados is so familiar.

DLC is out!

  • New Aperture Science test series with 30 brand new, brain-teasing levels
  • New feature: place the portals in the new test chambers yourself!

I think I might hate this game. I’ve gotten about past the halfway point, and I’ve run into several situations now where it’s fairly clear what needs to be done, but exactly how that should happen isn’t at all clear. Which isn’t in itself a problem, I mean they’re puzzles, of course, figuring out the how is the whole point. But a couple of times I’ve figured ok, maybe I’m just way off on some tangent and I’m taking the wrong approach, and I’ve looked at what approach other folks have used and often I’m pretty close, but there’s one little detail that’s throwing me off - like the angle of the path is just slightly off and puts too much pressure on successive convoys and I can’t succeed. I find that frustrating, that I know what to do but some slight detail, some random butterfly effect, can throw off my entire line. It just seems stressful and unfun.

Yeah, that’s a commonality among bridge builders. They can be fun for a bit but they get really old really fast thanks to those sorts of seemingly arbitrary frustrations.

While I don’t hate it , the difficulty has really upped its game , I am in the mid-30’s and levels now take me a good half hour to complete. So it went from casual fun to… yep I know what they want from me, ugh its gonna take awhile to get this set up just right to get the convoy through.

Yeah I’m in about the mid-30s myself, and I probably should have counted to ten before that post, I was just annoyed at how damned long it took me to fine tune the last level. Maybe it will get better.

Was it the level where the 2 forklifts crash together in mid-air? I rebuilt that level five times before I got the convoy through.

That’s the most recent one yeah, but the two before that gave me fits getting them just right too.