Is the PSP d0med?

So, I’m thinking of getting one of them new fancy PSPs. Then I check gamefaqs and it seems like there’s only 9 NA releases from here to February (and only Dungeon Maker sounds remotely interesting.) Have developers given up on the system?

They never really gave it much love to begin with.

The PSP is very healthy, as far as hardware sales go, as documented in this wonderful thread! Games are kind of rare, yes, but remember that Sony has recently made the Playstation Store available directly on the system, so I’m guessing/hoping we’ll see a lot of PSN releases in the future.

If you like Strategy/Tactic RPG titles then it’s worth the cash if only for the Final Fantasy Tactics Remake, Jeanne D’Arc or whatever it’s called, and if like D&D and can work around the interface, D&D Tactics too. Note I hacked mine a long time ago and I rip all titles to memory sticks, which not only improves battery life since the UMD doesn’t have to spin up, but drastically improves loading times. I doubt I would like it near as much if I hadn’t of done that.

Then again I haven’t bought a new PSP title in quite some time.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Metal Gear Acid 2 are also strategy highlights.

I meant to put in a ‘I know I am forgetting some great titles’ line, because sure enough, I was forgetting some great titles.

I’m really irritated by the lack of games on it. When FFTA2 and Disgaea came out for the DS, the PSP kinda lost its value to me. The DS has so many good games that I like on it, like the aforementioned two, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, all the Phoenix Wright games/sequels/spinoffs, and the Castlevanias.

I like Patapon, DJ max, Monster hunter.

Yes, developers have given up on the system. There’s some fine games available for it, but honestly, I’d look for a used one, so you have the option of installing the custom firmware and using it as an emulation platform (PSP Phat or Slim… the PSP Brite is, last time I checked, completely unhackable).

The PSP was domed this time two years ago. At least there are a few games on the way now, like Patapon 2, Locoroco 2, and Prinny. A few months ago I looked at the upcoming release list and there was not a single title on the list that was not a port or a movie license.

While I like the few games I have purchased, I chose the PSP over the DS based on those games over a year ago. THere have been few releases since then that I have even considered buying. I shoulda got a DS.

I picked mine up cheap in the US back in April (thanks to the strong Euro back then).
Compared to the DS it’s the lesser machine because it simply is a PS2 “small” while the Nintendo machine is a real different console compared to anything else on the market with unique game concepts.
While traveling I always take the DS and seldom the PSP.

I only completed “Star Wars: Force Unleashed” on the PSP so far and nothing else because you can’t play anything on it for 10 min downtime like you can with the DS (the games are simply not meant to be played in short stints).

I wouldn’t recommend buying a PSP for full price to anyone unless that person already has a DS and money to burn. Sad but true. :p

If you’re deciding between PSP and DS, then it’s pretty easy to say get a DS.

If that’s not a consideration, then don’t go by what’s coming out, but rather what’s already available and decide if you want to play those games. If you do, the decision is easy. Just go get one.

If you don’t travel/commute much and want a different experience from your home consoles then the DS is the better platform.

For someone who actually wants a full home console experience on the go (plus mp3/video/web) the PSP is excellent. The upcoming titles are slim but there’s some good stuff coming, especially if you’re a Square fan. Also there is a great backlog of games. Crush, Burnout, Syphon filter, Patapon, Loco Roco, Hot Shots Golf, etc.

I like my PSP and it’s certainly my best friend in the airport, but unless you travel alot I can’t imagine why anyone would need one. There aren’t a lot of unique PSP experiences out there, mostly just portable versions of game styles that are better on the home console.

Just want to shout out to Riviera and Yggdra Union for more J-SRPG luv.

Along the strategy lines, I hear good things about Field Commander from my friend who owns a PSP (he’s really into WW2 though).

I like my PSP and I do wish I had more time to play it. However I find myself going to the DS when I have an opportunity to do a little portable gaming.

As far as I heard the Iphone can’t download podcasts straight to the system on a nightly schedule like the PSP. With the PSP you wake up and have the latest podcasts ready to go.

As far as I’m concerned, any system with a Patapon on the way cannot possibly be d0med.

Also, I’d love to see our renowned crocodile wrangler whip out a PSP to show clients pictures while gallivanting about the swamps of the Australian outback. That would be pretty cool.