Is the site slowing down?

Is it just me, or has the site been really slow during the day (U.S. time) for about three days? At night I can get on and open 20 threads at the same time no problem, during the afternoon I get threads that time out or don’t fully load all the time. I don’t think it’s at my end because every other site seems to load just fine. Is it just me?

I know I’m in your area, I use comcast so I don’t know if you’re on the same provider but I haven’t had any problems with q23 at any time of day so far.

Someone should take chet to task with this.

Sorry about that… my fault. I was screwing around with the space time continuum and got a little coffee on my keyboard.

Someone should take nutsak to task with this.

Fuck EA.

The same thing happened to me starting Wed night. Nothing with more than 5 or 6 responses would fully load until this morning.

Good answer for everything.

Unless you’re locked in a room with the last 5 Playmates of the Year and semi-reknowned physicist Eric A. Schiff and I say “Pop quiz, Hotshot. What do you do?”

Yeah, same thing. And I have Qwest Yurislave, I don’t know what would be happening on my end though, every other site I go too is fine.