Is there a demo for TF2/Orange Box?

My pc runs CS:S at 25-30 FPS with the graphics turned down. I’d like to play TF2 with my friends but I’m not paying $50 for it if I’m doomed to a single-digit framerate.

Any ideas?

(there is no demo) Buy a new computer?


You can borrow my Steam ID and try it? I’d invite you over if we lived near each other, but that’s not so.

Borrowing the ID works though, right?

They should really give out more guest passes. Except for The Ship, no other game has done that as far as I know.

TF2 is a little more intensive than HL2, just naturally and because some of the environments, like the train station, are more open, but it’s nothing too troublesome. Buy it!

I can’t tell the difference between HL2 (any episode, coasts lost or not) and TF2,
but apart from an excess of particle effects and slightly larger textures,
it shouldn’t be much more demanding than CS:S. What are your system specs?

I also think they should give out TF2 guest passes. Get them hooked.
It’s a cheap game, so that’ll get them more easily.

athlon 2500+, geforce 6200 (budget agp card), 1024 gigaramz

We have done that and free weekends for every one of our multiplayer games. While I don’t think there are plans to do so in the really short term, I am sure we will be doing those promotions on TF2 as well.


Where do I sign up, Chet?

The news is updated on tuesday or friday letting people know when we are doing a promotion, so keep checking back…

If you just get TF2, it’s only $30.

Yes but evil marketroids have me wondering if I can really afford to pass on the extra $20 of stuff I’ll probably never play…

Judging from several friends who were hesitant to buy it, if you can run the HL2 demo you can run TF2 with an acceptable framerate.

Wow… GeForce 6200? Ouch. That’s your problem. I mean an Athlon 2500 and a gig of RAM isn’t exactly high end by today’s standards… Dell cheapest $349 Inspiron has a Sempron 3600 and a gig of faster RAM after all (and hard drive, optical drive, etc.) But you can run TF2 acceptably with that, if you keep to modest settings. That 6200 though… I dunno. Maybe at the low setting with a low resolution. TF2 is more demanding than CS:S by a long shot with the options turned up, but it might be okay with the options turned down.

You can get an AGP GeForce 7800 GS for less than $100, which would be a HUGE boost in speed and maybe a good stopgap if you’re not going to be ready to pull the trigger on a new computer for a while yet.

The extra $20 is worth it for Portal. I’ve put about 8 hours into the game so far (one play through, one playthrough with commentaries, and completed 4/6 advanced maps, haven’t touched the challenge maps yet). Which is about as long as a ‘modern’ FPS game.

I have a slightly beefier computer than yours (but not really by much), and I can run everything at medium just fine. And I really can’t tell all that much difference in TF2 between medium and high anyway.

Free weekends are great when people know them in advance, and it helped a buddy of mine decide to buy Day of Defeat Source. But where are my guest passes? I have bought every single Valve game and I’m only seeing 1 guest pass (for The Ship) on My games screen (or did they expire? that shouldn’t happen).

I’m using a 6200 as well and I’ve only played TF2 for about an hour so far but it was really smooth. Maybe 30-40 fps. Of course that’s with everything turned down to low but you should have no problems.

Try forcing DirectX8.1 by putting “-dxlevel 81” in the launch command line. You lose some pretties but it runs much better on older cards.