Is there a dual monitor arm that lets you rotate/swap between the 2 monitors?

I have an older 1080P monitor I’d like to rotate with my 2k monitor. I’ve seen static side by side arms, but I don’t have the space to do that. So is there something that could go like “up/down” depending on what monitor you want to use?

Or is that breaking the laws of physics? My brain isn’t working lol.

Something like this?

Yeah, that might be difficult. I guess it probably depends on what kind of space you are working with Jeff.

This one looks like it might get somewhat close. I’m not sure how much vertical space it would require though. IIRC your desk has a piece on top that limits how high you could go?

Like this wall mounted one, the top picture is kind of what I was thinking of with the one above:

I didn’t have room for side by side ultrawides on my desk so I got a mount that has them vertical (one over the other). I’m pretty happy with the setup. it’s this model from Ergotron:

My old pinball teammate had a very tall vertical monitor mount that he could stack monitors on top of each other with. If you don’t mind simply having them vertically stacked, that sort of thing could work?