Is there a FP action coop dungeon crawler?

Barony is the closest I can think of. I only dabbled with the tutorial after picking it up on Epic for free and it felt a bit… stiff perhaps? It’s a very lo-fi thing but I could see it being a great time co-op with all the ‘classic’ roguelike elements.

Interesting, I didn’t know that one. And yeah, that looks … half Ultima Underworld 2, half Minecraft. Not exactly a feast for the yes. Nor for the hands, because it looks stiff.

Back in the 80s, there was Xybots, who showed the concept wasn’t really interesting, since you have to cut down the dungeon crawler gameplay to hack’n’slash. And why then do it in a damp dungeon environment with a limited perspective, instead of crazy ones with all around awareness!

The Barony page actually said I had similar games already: Gunfire Reborn and Risk of Rain 2.
…Which both are shooters.

It made me think that yeah, the real issue of why this game doesn’t exist is because doing first person melee is very rare. Even rarer doing it right.

I didn’t even think of limiting it to melee. After all, Dungeon Master was all about throwing rocks and fireballs!

Not a dungeon crawler exactly but it lands in the neighborhood.

EDIT: Sorry, just saw you mention it two posts up, @TurinTur.

And I created the thread for the game here in Qt3! :P BTW we will have a content update in one or two weeks.

Personally, I don’t feel like you CAN do melee “right” in FPS. I’ve never enjoyed a single first person melee game. Having to wade into melee while having no peripheral vision at all sucks, third person gets around that. Third person also allows for things like leaps, rolls, etc. that you can’t really do in first person without whipping the camera around like crazy and making half the playerbase vomit.

I think about melee in games like Nioh and can’t think of anything that comes remotely close for first person. Every FP melee game I’ve tried, the combat sucks. And that includes things like Vermintide. Just my personal opinion of course, not a declaration of fact.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic had a fun kicking mechanic, and a multiplayer mode that was supposed to be fun, it’s a shame it wasn’t coop (from what I could tell).

Still, if games like Mount & Blade, Vermintide, and Chivalry showed that multiplayer first person melee can be popular, I think this idea represent a ‘gap’ in the market.

This might be somewhat in the ballpark.

Roguelike/FPS hybrid.

I loved it, but don’t often recommend it since it is a very specific niche and one needs a little jank tolerance. It is a 3D FPS reimagining of the 2D Pit Roguelike by the Sword of the Stars devs Kerberos Productions. Includes online coop.

I’ll tell you one thing, you get me some co-op and a dungeon and I’m there. First person, third person, whatever person. :)

I wish that game had been wildly successful and they were able to make Sword of the Stars 3 with the proceeds. :)

I was familiar with The Pit, didn’t realize they had made a FPS game along those lines.

I also had a great time with Zeno Clash’s first-person melee, but never got round to playing the sequel. I should try and rectify that because few do crazy characters and worlds like ACE Team.

I’m hoping to do some co-op Barony in the future so will try and post some impressions.

Same here and I had completely forgotten about Zeno Clash 2. I will install that later tonight. Actually I need to catch up with a lot of Ace Team’s games. I think they had a 2D platformer/brawler title that looked wonderfully inventive and wacky too. Will definitely be installing their catalog later when I get home.

Abyss Odyssey! That’s my favourite of theirs. I know a lot of folk don’t like it (it’s probably my favourite ‘worst rated game’ in my library–I should create a thread for that) but I got hugely into its weirdness and gameplay loop. It’s a beautiful game too. The possession mechanic mixes the dynamics of the game up so much. Now I want to play it again with the other characters…

Portal Knights has melee combat, spellcasting, first-person and third-person views, procedural dungeons, and even split-screen co-op. Though gameplay revolves around minecraft-like building about as much as fighting/exploration, kind of like Terraria in 3D.

You probably know about this, but some of the Virtual Table Tops are getting pretty complex, especially when they’re topped with a dollop of mods and special art. It just depends on how much extra time and effort the DM/GM wants to spend on it. They’re not POV by design, of course, but they are co-op by nature. Oftentimes they include dungeons and sometimes dragons, and sometimes even isometric views.

The answer to this is looter shooters isn’t it? There must be some fantasy themed ones out there.

There was also that spellcasting VR game early in the Rift’s lifecycle, but I don’t think that was co-op.

Grimrock? wince