Is there a good way to convert my m4p to Mp3?

I know I can write my music files that are in m4p format to CD, then get them back off of that in a format that I can use in something other than iTunes, but that is a PIA.

I see some programs that claim to create a virtual CD-RW to convert your files, but I am suspicious of how well they work. Anyone have any experience or recommendations on these or other approaches?


In itunes you should be able to right click the songs you want as MP3s and choose create MP3 version. I’m seeing this on a mac, not sure if pc is different.

You get the option to create an AAC version, but it will give you a message that protected files cannot be converted to other versions.

Either of these should take care of it:

I’ve used both and they work well.

What do you have these days that doesn’t play M4A?

m4p - no problems with m4a.

m4a = mp4 audio aka .aac
no audio should be in “mp4” extension, only the video files are whereas .mp3 = audio only
i am not sure why you want to convert/reconvert/transcode again for more quality loss.

oh wait…m4p = protected m4a. p is for protected, not mp4. when did you buy those tracks from itunes? they haven’t been copy protected for a long time.

you can always try “ffmpeg file.m4p file.mp4” in console, it may work if ffmpeg is installed, support the format, and is on the path

no, the aac/m4a is protected. itunes stopped selling protected tracks 3 years ago. i guess your m4ps predates that switch?

i used something to remove the copy protection from my purchased mp4 videos off itunes last year. ah, yes, requiem. requires you to have itunes 10.5 i believe. heh, you asked this already in 2011.

iTunes 10.5.3 is the last version you should be sitting at in order to strip DRM from your purchased books, videos, music using Requiem 3.3.5.

I could have sworn somebody recommended one that did the virtual CD-drive mounting and ripping thing a little while ago, but I can’t find the post or thread anymore.

Searching for keywords relating to this results in a deluge of real-looking spammy-software posts, from China.

Oh, found it, in the Android Apps thread.:

But I’m not sure that it’s really a recommendation.

Yeah TuneClone appears to be one of those (not quite malware/illegal) scuzzy SEO-optimized programs that have 10s of renamed clones of itself all based on open-source stuff.


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