Is there a modern version of X-Com?

Basically after trying to play JA2 I really want to play the original gameplay of X-Com but other then the underdogs version which may or not be completely reliable with XP much less with all the newer parts of my computer(I think the dual core processors don’t like older games). I’m looking for what is essentially: the original X-com that works on modern machines and Win XP. I’m not even picky anymore if the graphics aren’t up to date.

I’m hoping anyone knows of anything like this , and how was rebelstar for the GBA? I heard it was like a smaller version of X-Com. Also I know that two games were released last year that were supposed to be like X-Com, were any mod teams able to recreate the original on either?

I did try Laser Squad Nemesis a few years ago, it was close but I’m looking for a true single player version.

The GBA Rebelstar wasn’t all that good. I would love to see them try a DS version. Right now Warhammer 40k Squad Command for the DS and PSP is excellent Xcom like game but modern.
As for a true modern Xcom game, it appears you’ll have to wait till 2K Boston finishes its work on the new Xcom (if they are working on it)

I’ve run X-COM in Linux using DOSBox without problems. You have to crank up the cycles in DOSBox to make it run well, though.

The “gold” edition of X-Com works fine in XP, without having to go into the underworld of DOS emulation. It does take a little effort but you’ll be able to play the original.

As for remakes, this game has attracted a lot of Eastern Europe attention, and there are spiritual successors to the original with twists and so-called updates, though they all pale in the face of the classic.

Do the underdog thing, it worked for me and I’ve got a modern machine as well.

Apparently Laser Squad is about to come out with a true single player, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

I’ve played most of the “spiritual successors” and while several are decent, none is quite right. XCom still holds up. I’m surprised no modders have done a straight upgrade, unless there are legal restrictions (especially if the 2K/Irrational rumors are true).

UFO: Alien Invasion is a direct update, currently in very playable beta. ElGuapo and a couple of others tested it and tell me that the level design is better than in XCom, and the aliens are even more likely to nail you. All the terrain and furniture is, at the moment, impossible to deform or destroy, and a couple of very minor differences.

I suspect this is your best bet. The stylised look is gone (essentially: changed is better) and new recruits are provided (for hire and a couple in the team) by each country every month as part of your payment.

I think the main problem with Rebelstar was the utter lack of a strategic game.

If you’re after the identical experience then this isn’t for you, but I rather enjoyed (and am still enjoying) UFO Afterlight. It’s realtime tactical, but it has a pretty nifty strategic overview game and the feeling of attrition and desperation is definitely there as your crew is quite vulnerable to new alien tech.

PocketUFO for PC.

Yeah, I would agree that it’s the best of the group. I played it for awhile early in 2007 and was pretty happy with some of the mission locations, but it was still missing features. May be time to look at it again and see what they’ve added since then.

Silent Storm is as close to a modern X-Com as I’ve ever seen. The theme is completely different, as it’s a World War II game (mostly) but it’s essentially X-Com in true 3D.

There’s no research, and no flying around intercepting stuff. It’s far far more like Jagged Alliance 2 than X-Com.

There’s also no hiring mercs or money management, so I disagree that it’s far more like JA2. But I take your point about it lacking much of a strategy layer.

I really liked Silent Storm quite a bit until the later stages of the game.

I personally much recommend the original DOS version under DOSBox. It’s technically true that the Windows version will run under XP, but it’s locked to something like 640x480 fullscreen which is essentially unplayable on my monitor. DOSBox, on the other hand, will happily run it windowed.

Really? There were rumors about this years ago–where did you read anything recent concerning such a thing?

Laser Squad DID come out with a bunch of single-player missions, like three years ago. There hasn’t been much development since then, though.

The closest thing to X-Com to come out in the past two years would be UFO: Extraterrestrials, and you can mod it to get it even closer… but it’s still kinda meh.

I know I saw something recently, but I can’t remember where. It’s possible I misread that or it was something old I saw.

UFO: ET is kind of close, but also so very far away. The mods haven’t really gone in the right direction though.

Wow, I had no idea that was out for PC! Kind of sad that this works on Vista but the original doesn’t, isn’t it? I read somewhere, I think it was in the Steam response to why their version of TFTD doesn’t work on Vista, that in the shuffle between IP owners, somewhere along the line the source code has been lost, so there’s no hope of getting a version of the original games that will run on Vista without DOSbox (and some kind of CPU slowdown utility). Very, very sad.