Is there a Nintendo DS Lite for sale anywhere?

sure I can buy a PS3 at any store in the country, but finding the game system I actually want to buy? impossible.

Well, Christmas obviously ate the current stock completely. But…

Ebay results
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You can get a regular DS for $40 now. Better deal.

You can get a regular DS for $40 now. Better deal.

No its not.

The Lite is really that much better? I have a regular DS.

For me yeah its loads better.

The better screens alone make it worth the extra money.

but its been three weeks since christmas. they seriously haven’t been able to restock / meet demand?

Tomorrow might be a good day to look for one - the retailers (BB/CC/Target/etc.) are pushing a big Wii restock (Wiistock?) tomorrow, and I think I heard that DS’s will be in stock too.

And yeah, the Lite rocks.

How are the screens better? (Honest question; I have a DS.)

Brighter… and that makes all the difference.

I upgraded a few months ago and I never regretted it for a moment.

Hmm. If you don’t mind coral pink, you can order them from Dell. Still 3-5 weeks to get one, though.

I was in Kmart today and they had DSs in stock. So they are out there.

The Lite is better: the screens are brighter (and have a brightness setting for you to adjust), it’s smaller and weighs less, and the buttons have been repositioned. I love mine; and its library has really turned it into an RPG machine.

Right now I’m dividing my time between Final Fantasy III, Contact, Zelda - Minish Cap (GBA) and Sword of Mana (GBA). Somehow, this has become my main gaming system.

I saw what appeared to be one available in a Duty Free Shop in Madrid today. They also had a Wiitroller with that Wiiplay game.

The Lite is much brighter, but the original is still a good system, and for $40… well, that’s a very good deal.

I still have my blue Ds. If you don’t already have a Ds, I would wait for the lite to come in stock. I played the ds lite at Eb and the brightness really does make a difference in terms of quality. For me I mainly play my ds games in my room so I have good light most of the time.

and so after oversleeping for CC and Best Buys sales this morning, I strike out at the meijer near my work, but walk into the meijer near my house about 15 miles away and am greeted by 10 of each color.

oh joy. unfortunately, they didn’t have mario kart. ds owners, what games are best for wi fi multiplayer?

Animal Crossing!

If you like tetris, the online version is very nice. The random matchmaking is quite fast normally.

Lots of Pink DS Lites for sale.

It’s like getting cable after being on dial-up for years.

The reasonable part of my brain says there isn’t too much of a difference. The screens are quite a bit brighter, the form factor is both better and more comfortable, and the Lite is a much prettier device overall.

The other part of my brain says I’m never going back to that nasty old piece of crap Nintendo sold me the first time. :)