Is there a site that does benchmark comparison of processors

I’m looking for a site that does more than just the typical video card benchmark comparisons. Like I’d like to see the speed difference between a 2.66 and a 3.0 for instance.

Any sites that have similar hardware but different processors and doing benchmarks?


Doesn’t Lloyd’s ExtremeTech site have that stuff?,3971,236,00.asp

The 2.66 has a 533MHz frontside bus, while the 3.0 has an 800MHz FSB. That will make a big difference in games.

We’ve regularly do reviews of CPUs as they come out, but no huge comparison at different clock rates. I think Tom’s Hardware did something like that awhile back, but I’m not sure.

It’s really difficult to just rate CPU performance, since games are so dependent on graphics cards nowadays.

Your best shot is looking for reviews of the processors in question and then comparing the numbers with the same video card. Driver differences typically don’t make a drastic impact. Memory is also less consequential, though in cases like this one it’s tied into overall performance due to the higher bus speed of the 3.06 P4.

Well by this I mean testing a 2.66 system against a 3.0 system with the same exact memory, vid card, etc. Just trying to see if the price of a 3.0 is worth the extra $$$. :)

I’m sure Loyd will respond, but have you looked at the 2.4C and 2.6C with 800M FSB? The 2.4C is slightly less expensive than the 2.66B, and the 2.6C a bit more, here in Singapore - but the performance due to the higher memory bus speed is better.

Toms hardware have done a processor comparison here, which shows the 2.4C consistently outperforms the 2.66. And it’s cheaper.

Actually Loyd if you are reading, i’m looking to build a 865PE based machine right now, do you have any thoughts on which of the Asus P4P800 Deluxe, and Gigabyte 8IPE1000 Pro I should get? I’m planning on putting in a 2.6C as that seems to be the best price/performance point at the moment. I’m not expecting to do severe overclocking, but will tweak it up a little.

Also any thoughts on the Antec AMG 1080, versus the Antec Sonata case? I’m leaning toward the Sonata as it looks so cool, and I won’t be transporting it much.