Is there a way to disable the Windows pop up every time I charge my damn iphone

Subject says it all. That popup is so frustrating. No, I don’t want the game I’m playing to minimize and most likely crash because it’s so goddamn important to ask me if I want to sync my photos, open my phone in Word, or do anything. I just want the damn thing to charge and shut up.

in win7 you can set it to always not do anything in the autorun options.

Is there a way to just have it open itunes?

I don’t want it to do anything. If I want to sync it to iTunes, I want to choose to. I especially don’t want it loading up iTunes every time I plug it in.

Choose Always do nothing in the Windows pop up and then install Syncblocker.

Why would you need to install anything? Telling autorun to do nothing and unchecking the “open iTunes…” option from the Summary page of your device will do everything the OP asks for. You can even go into iTunes’ preferences and over to the Devices section to prevent automatic syncing on any iOS device plugged into that machine as an extra step, if you like.

In iTunes, there should be a checkbox labeled “Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected.” Unchecking that should give you the behaviour you want. Pretty sure that’s the case on the Windows version of iTunes, too(?)

For some reason, I don’t get a “Do nothing” option and “always do this” tick box on my Win7 laptop when I plug a Touch in.

Go to Start > Default Programs > Change AutoPlay settings and see what’s listed under Devices.

My iPhone is listed there and it’s currently using the default setting, which causes the Windows pop-up to appear.

Thanks for all the advice. From gleaning different pieces here and there, I realized that what was happening was an “autoplay” function. I thought only inserted DVDs used this system.

The solution I figured out was that I had to right click on the iPhone from the top-level explorer when it was connected, select the “events” tab (?), then select “do nothing” as the default behavior.

(XP doesn’t give you the option of “always perform this action” when it prompts you for what do when the iPhone is connected, nor does it give you a “do nothing” option)

Oops, I should have mentioned that my advice was based on using Windows 7.

Yup, sorry about that. Who the hell uses XP anyway… well apart from my workplace :-(

The reason for me suggesting Syncblocker is that apparently iTunes is bad at remembering settings (or overrides them), so if you want to be able to use iTunes without your phone backing up and syncing it helps.

Use a wall socket, it’s way faster.

I use XP, and it asks me what I want to do when I plug in my Fuze.

That’s probably because it’s a Fuze and not a piece of shit overpriced Apple product, though.

The what now?

… well, good thing you’re happy with your choices. I’m sure the Edsel you drive have a Fuze dock built in.

He’s rocking an AUX jack though. No need for the proprietary App$$le dock. OPEN SOURCE FOREVER BLAHBLAHBLAH.

S’cool, since I’m not using a program that overrides settings and has half a dozen obtuse options on how to handle my music library and runs background processes just so it can work with my music player.

That’s an interesting point you’re making and I’m glad you zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!