Is there a worse game than Iron Man?

Besides Spider-Man, I mean.

Maabus is worse than anything.


What Spider-Man games have you been playing?

Obviously not the ones in his mind, because those ones are AWESOME.

No, no, he’s right, there aren’t many games that were worse than Spider-Man.

Well, maybe E.T. …

So I take it you didn’t like the Iron Man game, eh? =)

The demo didn’t seem too bad, I thought they got the flight mechanics down pretty well.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – I get it!

No, but seriously, the Spider-Man movie tie-ins were quite literally the stupidest games I’ve ever played. I mean, you could swing by a web attached to NOTHING. Bad design, bad control, idiotic play…

The Golden Compass is pretty bad, too, but at least it’s pretty. Sometimes, not always, that’s enough.

Only in the first game. And swinging on webs attached to nothing is pretty faithful to Spider-Man, actually.

Superman 64.

The Transformers game of last year gives Iron Man a good run for its money.

Mario Galaxy?

I can’t be the only one dying to see BobJustBob post on this thread.

I’m fairly sure that Spiderman 2 on the Xbox wasn’t like that at all. I distinctly remember having to run across the park or catch low trees.
I actually thought it was a great game, even if the random crimes did get a bit repetitive.
The webswinging IMHO was pretty well done, and you could really get up some speed once you got the hang of it.
I did hear it was different on the PC -could that it be it?

Iron Man X-O Manowar Heavy Metal by Acclaim

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties?

I still think the worst game in the history of gaming is Descent to Undermountain. I’ve never played worse, and that’s not for lack of trying.

As far as movie tie-ins go, Back to the Future on the venerable, ol’ NES is pretty awful.


Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

By far the worst shoot em up ever.

Oh, and Lionheart.