Is there a worse game than Iron Man?

That game and Birthright and Lionheart were all games that I was really looking forward to, and which disappointed me more than I could have imagined possible.

Oh, and Rasputing, that 2600 Spiderman game rocked! (leaving typo on your name, because I think you should use it as your new handle. It’s like your rasputin disputing things).

I haven’t played Iron Man, but I’m pretty sure it can’t surpass Beowulf.

People have said MOO3 and Birthright, so I think I am not needed. This thread is farce already.

The Iron Man game is pretty bad (though my 7 yr old LOVES it and insists I play it more).

The Spider-Man games since they became web-swinging simulators have actually been pretty decent IMO.

But the worst game? I dunno… I guess it depends on your metric. Like are those crazy Eastern European games that just more or less crash instantly and have no comprehensible dialogue… or one of the 10,000x Spongebog Squarepants games my boys have… or that Pokemon “game” where you just watch your Pokemon watching TV…

Heh, looking at Metacritic’s worst games, some of my 7 yr olds absolute favorites are deep in their red zone: Shaolin Showdown, Acme Arsenal…

I think it’s time you step in the videogaming education of your son.

But, but… Playboy gave the ironman game a good “review”!

Turn in your gamer card, OK?

Spider-Man 2 was great. When you got toward the end and had bought all the webslinging bonuses, there was nothing like just careening through the sky at top speed in that game. The rush of that beat the hell out of anything I’ve found in open world games since, though Crackdown and Hulk:UD came close. Though Spidey 2 was another example of boss battles ruining a great experience.

It’s too bad that Ultimate Spider-Man was so much more limited than Spidey 2 and Spidey 3 was just awful. I’d love to see Spidey 2’s gameplay model with GTA4’s graphical clarity and city design.

Or virtually any other PC title released by Acclaim in the early and mid '90s.


How about Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde for the NES? Horrible game that I remember hearing was broken that you couldn’t get past the first level no matter what.

The 360/PS3 version is supposed to be at least passable, but the PC version is the PS2 port. I played about 3 minutes of it, and yeah, it’s that bad.

Dragon’s Lair NES. (For the love of god, mute the sound).

Rocket Ranger for the NES, gah it was awful.

Ultima Ascension?

Dungeon Lords.


No just kidding :D But it’s good flame bait :D

One of my friends worked on this game. The friendship remains to this day, perhaps in part because I was directly warned away from it.

THAT’S bad.

Balls of fury, How grinch stole christmas.

a couple of friends of mine worked on those games from the Black Lantern, and they told me and I confirmed those game are horrible.

The original release was a rushed mess. But the collector’s edition is what the original release should have been: a respectable RPG with a lot of nice touches. Worth checking out if you see it cheap.


Not if you do it like that.