Is there an offical windows feedback channel?

While it may be pointless, I would like to send Microsoft some feedback on vista, mostly some minor tweaks / feature requests. I looked at their web site and didn’t see any kind of feedback area or email.

I know some people here work for MS and might now where I can send feedback to.

Doesn’t MS have a usenet server?

I think PMs to Denny are the preferred method of contact.

[email protected]

That always worked for me.

Its just like sending letters to Santa you dont know right away if he actually got it but come the end of the year you get your presents!

I’d be willing to bet that his real email address is "[email protected]".

It used to be billg, I thought.

Does anyone really know? I figured they must have some kind of customer feedback program or something.

You don’t email Bill Gates. Bill Gates emails you.

Try this:;en;1214&showpage=1&WS=support

You should post your suggestions here, too – there are Microsoft people on QT3, y’know. Plus there are certainly more that lurk.

They’ve actually installed one in every bathroom in america.

Microsoft wants to hear from you about as much as the South Park people do.

Not unless you can PM back in time to when I was still on the Windows team. ;)

The page Andrew linked to is a good channel for suggestions.

Also, when you get a crash and the little box comes up asking for comments about the crash and the help you were provided, definitely write something there. All that stuff gets read.

Same for the “was this helpful?” boxes in Windows Vista Help. The folks who actually write the help files do read those.

That’s actually not true. MS spends a crazy amount of money on user research and feedback channels.

Sorry, I meant DeepT specifically, not users in general.

Joke = failed.

The primary Microsoft site for customer feedback is Microsoft Connect. You need a Windows Live ID and then you can enter bug reports or feature requests to your heart’s content.

Note that when it comes to developer tools, MS doesn’t care very much about feedback for existing products. You get very fast replies from clued-in people for public betas, but don’t expect a quick (or any) reply for released versions.

Even better, their public Usenet groups are usually available on other servers as well. Look for the microsoft.public hierarchy. But there aren’t many MS employees on these groups, except – again – for public betas where the project members are actively interested in feedback. You may get replies from MVPs or other users, though.

No, I got it. :)

DeepT is an out of control idea guy. Someone should snap him up. It is hard to find an idea guy with such a wide array of topics which they can contribute ideas on…


Is Valve hiring, Chet? Maybe I can sit next to you and run my ideas by you all day, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. I bet you would love that.

Anyway, thanks for the link Andrew. Ill be sending MS my thoughts really soon.

Edit: comma for clarity.

Hasn’t chet worked for Valve for several years now?