Is there any hope for Youtube channels that are not Let's Play?


Yeah I’ll try that now, thanks!


Yay, good luck!


So it turned out I’m an idiot, I was using the wrong account name. Grr. I’m in now!

So question for anyone who has done this (I’ve never really used this social media thing until now, I’m old).

The Youtube channel looks like this:

That’s pretty damn long and cumbersome. Is there any way to shorten that? Or do people use tinyurls and such to shortcut it? Sorry for all the newb questions.

Also, I forgot I uploaded a film a made to protest the second gulf war back in 2003. You can check it out there, for some reason the sound gets desynched a bit and the jokes are kinda old (it has Colin Powell in it and Ari Flescher as the press secretary … anyone remember him?), but it’s there. We had a ton of fun making that one. It’s the only thing on there now, called “Secret Strategeries”.


You have to have 500 subscribers before you can have a custom URL, I believe. :/


Ah. That’s a long, long way off. Thanks!


The Every Frame A Painting guy (and his important collaborator they never told us about) finally announced they have thrown in the title, and talked about why here:

According to this final essay: They got alternately burned out, hemmed in by YouTube’s rules, and couldn’t break the “Fast/Cheap/Good (pick no more than two)” equation. Not even Patreon could keep them going, and EFAP was never their day jobs.

The videos will be missed. Well, the old ones will stay there, but the potential of new ones, those will be missed.


Certainly this is related as well


I don’t know, it’s weird.

I finally hit 500 subscribers with Dubious Consumption, but I’ve been hit by the AdPocalypse, had stuff taken off and put back on. I’ve only been hit twice by Copyright Claims that have stuck, one on a videogame that the music played out and it triggered. The other on my Inception video which, when I changed the lighting, they completely ignored.

I’ve had one successful video and even that’s slowed down.

As with EFAP, I’m stuck in the Fast/Cheap/Good cycle where it takes me more than a month to make most my videos and then I’m left with middling views because I can’t churn stuff out every day or week. And Patreon just changed how they are charging the patrons, so there will probably be a big blowback there.

I thoroughly enjoy creating my video essays on YouTube, but yeah, it’s getting harder and harder to make a living on it.