Is there any site or app or anything that lets you check multiple vBoards at once?

I frequent three boards, all of which run on vBulletin. A lot of the time I really just go there to pop in and see which of my subscribed threads have been updated. It’d be amazing if there were some app, or Firefox plugin, or website that let you log into multiple vBoards at once and see if any of your subscribed threads have updated.

vBulletin sites can enable RSS feeds for stuff like new posts. Not sure if this site has it turned on. If you can get your myriad site admins to enable the feature, you’d be able to pop all the new posts RSS feeds into a reader.

Do they spit out feeds for your subscribed threads, too? I don’t much need forum feeds (I’d sooner just come back in a browser) but it’d be nice to see my subscriptions at a glance.

I’m using Tapatalk iPhone app. They have app for Android, Nokia and Blackberry (I think).

With the app, it shows me my subscribed threads within the forum.

Only catch is, the forum admin must enable Tapatalk connectivity by running a plugin. QT3 does that. Not sure of your other forums.