Is there ANY way to swap L & R channels in Win7?

I could’ve sworn you used to be able to do it in Windows XP, but it’s nowhere to be found either in Win7 or my Realtek control panel.

And no, there’s no hardware way to fix this (swapping plugs, etc). I’m using Logitech X-530s which, in Logitech’s infinite wisdom, run a serial cable from the Right Front speaker to the sub. And the serial cable isn’t long enough for the Right Front speaker to reach the sub in my current configuration. It’d be a whole thing to try and move the speakers around and it’d be much simpler if I could just swap the flipping channels.

Logitec presumably implies 3.5mm audio cables. If you have basic soldering skills you can buy an extension cable, open it up and swap the wires around internally. It’s quite simple.

I don’t wanna go doing any surgery on it because I could well wind up in a new computer setup a few months from now and want my L/R back where they should be.

Also, it’s kind of laughable that I’d need to resort to cracking it open and resoldering the contacts just to compensate for a lack of one of the most basic Audio Control Panel features ever.

Don’t even need solder. Cut the wire, buy some lamp cord at Home Depot, strip both ends, twist them together, wrap them with electrical tape (rubber tape in between two coats of electrical if you’re one of those audiophile wankers who thinks a power cleaner does something.)

It’s not a permanent change Rajah, you perform the surgery on a $2 3.5mm extension cable.

Oh. Heh. Missed the “extension cable” bit.

I may have to resort to that because searching has turned up no registry hacks, custom drivers, or any software solution to what is so basic an issue.

Just buy an extension serial cable.

Problem solved with no solder, no splicing, and no reversing channels.

Hrm. There’s a thought. Thanks for the link!