Is there some trick to using the PS3's browser?

I wanted to fire up youtube last night to watch an old Whitney Houston video or two, and got as far as starting up the browser, but then when I tried to actually do anything with it, it wouldn’t react to any button presses, stick movement or d-pad inputs either with the controller or with the PS3’s remote. Finally I gave up and hit the back button (which seemed to be the only one it would recognize). What am I missing?

I mainly use usb mouse and keyboard when using the PS3 browser. Using the standard PS3 controller and trying to browse the internet is a pain in the butt.

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Maybe it requires downloading the latest system updates or something? I’ve never played online with the PS3 at all, nor used any of its online features (use the 360 for Netflix because I had it first and I’ve got Live Gold). What’s involved in getting the console up to date?

Do you have no alternative means of browsing at your disposal?

Like, say, that Nintendo-branded Opera cartridge for the DS?

Or a computer?

Of course I do, I’m just intellectually curious.

I haven’t used it for years, but it worked just fine when I did.

I used to use it frequently and the controller should work. After becoming accustomed to it, I actually found it works very well.

It’s just slow, very very slow. Remember the PS3 has very limited memory so it can easily get bogged down and the browser will freeze.

Actually, the firmware update last week was a major upgrade to the browser, including a switch to webkit’s rendering engine, and it’s a lot more functional with html5 stuff now. Memory was never really the problem. iPads and smartphones have been able to browse the web with the same, or less memory than the PS3 has available. The old browser was just a poor piece of software.

So how do I update the PS3 firmware? Should it do so automatically when I connect to the internet?

Yes, when you log into PSN (SEN, whatever) it will force you to update before you do anything online. You can also download the update to a USB device and install it that way if needed.