Is this a decent television?

Assume the price would be $1499. Worth it? Is there a better bang for buck TV out there? I have no understanding whatsoever of plasma versus LCD versus EDTV versus anything else; I’m just considering trying to find a good big TV at a decent price.

Plasma - Good, bright colors, more black blacks than LCD. Tendency to have burn-in issues unlike LCDs, though not sure how bad this really is. Might be an issue for that reason.

The feature set for $1500 looks quite nice. HD is generally considered to be at least 720p (and should be 16:9 aspect ratio, which I believe makes it have an apparent resolution of 1280x720; too lazy to find the calculator program on this machine, sorry). ED is essentially 480p, at 16:9 aspect ratio (so like 86x by 480 I believe.

One thing you care about is how it actually looks. Take an hour, run to the nearest Best Buy, watch them demo it with their looping HD feed, play around with the controls a bit, see how it actually looks. Even with the exact same features, there are often significant differences in display quality from model to model or brand to brand.

Thanks mouselock.

I will also state that I’ve now noticed the two “What TV should I buy” threads that are still listed on the first page, and feel very embarassed. :oops:

Right, it isn’t high def, it’s only 1024x768. I wouldn’t even consider buying a set without 720p support.

I would go for something like the toshiba 46HM95 46" rear projection TV, whose black friday price will also be $1500 from bestbuy. Not only is it real HD but it also includes cablecard. On the other hand, you can’t hang it on the wall.

SlyFrog: FYI, CNET has a decent primer on HDTV technology here.